Friday 18th September 2020

Zimmermann are reminding us how lucky we are to be locked down in Australia. Titled ‘Wild Botanica’ this is Spring/Summer 2021, back on home soil. Inspired by the flora and fauna of her home country, Nicky Zimmermann infused all our floral fabulousness into the new collection, as well as a special collaboration with the late Ellis Rowan’s archive. The collection is back home with a bit of everything they do so well: tiered frills, bouncing mini skirts, slouchy suits and a whole lot of belted dresses that tumble to the floor. Zimmermann classics. We spoke to Nicky about the behind-the-scenes of Wild Botanica:

10 Magazine: We always love reading about the inspiration for your collections. When was the moment you felt so inspired by the flora and fauna of Australia and knew it had to be turned into a collection?

Nicky Zimmermann: “I have always been interested in Botanical Art. For a few seasons I’ve wanted to work it into our prints but struggled with the scientific aesthetic and what we could do with it. I like to walk out of the office before Christmas holidays with the theme of the collection so I can spend time thinking about it how to develop it.

“I knew I wanted to work with Australian botanical art – and I came across a book in December calledThe Flower Hunter which had works from a trailblazing Australian artist, naturalist and explorer from the turn of the last century, Ellis Rowan. It really resonated with me – it was emotive art and very Australian – I recognised the plants and birds and I loved the way she painted with such a feminine hand. The colours she used and the way she showed light through her paintings had instant appeal and possibilities for the collection. We were fortunate to bring ten of her artworks to life in the prints with the support of The National Library in Australia and others.”

10: How have you found yourself navigating 2020? How did you feel whilst creating this collection?

NZ: “There have been circumstances that no one has experienced before which has made me think anything is possible and you just have to adapt and stay focused. I felt really motivated creating this collection –the design team and I were really thinking about how we can bring joy and fun and happiness to the woman wearing it. We always have thought like this but now more so than ever.”

10: Did you get to choose the 10 artworks that you’ve worked with? Do you have afavourite?

NZ: I can’t say I have a favourite; we chose them and in all honestly, I love each in different ways. It was interesting how the artworks came up on each of the different fabrications.”

10: Did the idea of everyone having to stay at home not travel play a part in designing this collection?

NZ: “We made a commitment amongst the design team to create beautiful things that would make people happy but also that had a sense of ease to them. Thoughtful fabrications like Silk linen organdie – where the linen brings a day ease to the voluminous shapes.

“I am often travelling at various periods through a collection process so to be able to be with the entire team in Sydney throughout the design process to the presentation has been unique and very special.”

10: Do you have a favourite native flower or plant? If so, why this one?

NZ: “I’ve always loved Australian plants there is something strange and unique to their beauty. Saskia Havekes from Grandiflora worked on the floral creation for the runway and now I have absolutely fallen in love with pink Waratahs they are the most incredible shade of pink – stunning!”

10: Soundtrack to this collection?

NZ: “We have worked with Mimi Xu for a long time and have a great creative connection. I always love what she does so she created an original score of music – it adds a really personal touch to the presentation and helped create an emotive cinematic experience. Sophie Lee who is a great friend of mine wrote a beautiful poem that she reads over the music which was also very special.”

10: What do you hope the Zimmermann woman finds in this collection?

NZ: “I hope she finds joy! That is what we always trying to achieve really – to create that emotional response means we have done our job! We hope she feels uplifted when she wears the pieces – which we all need now more than ever!”

by Roxy Lola





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