Tuesday 10th September 2019

Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya know how to put on a show. They know how to party and they know how to create a great collection. Into the Apollo Theatre we snuck to watch the glow up, the walls alive and buzzing with brilliant history: it’s the first stage Ella Fitzgerald sang on in 1934 when she was 17 years old. The stage has also seen James Brown, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross & The Supremes and Lauren Hill perform. So yes, there was a thrill in the air of drama, performance and as directed by Zendaya, a focus on the 1970s flow of fabulousness. Zendaya and her creative partner Law Roach love the ’70s. And it makes sense for Tommy, who began his empire with his first store in 1971. It’s what Zendaya always finds herself referencing and the mood board at the Tommy Hilfiger headquarters was layered with images of Aretha Franklin, Princess Diana and a young Brooke Shields, all in tailored jackets, coats and big bows. So the theme, we have decided, was bossing up. The show poured into the parking lot of the Apollo, trumpets buzzed and girl groups sang in formation. The girls came swaggering down the runway to Aretha Franklin’s Respect and sharp suits, big belted dresses, subtly sequinned polka dots glittering and soft neck scarves. Hats were wide and mysterious and glasses were oversized and round. They moved with ease, Alton Mason in a shimmering suit danced his way through the crowd and we cheered for them all. It felt great and did exactly what Zendaya had told us she wanted the clothes and the show to do: let us escape but also empower us. Curtis Mayfield’s Move On Up was turned up on blast for the finale and Zendaya and Tommy followed their fleet, making moves and dancing with the rest of us. What you want, Tommy and Zendaya have got it.

by Roxy Lola





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