Monday 9th March 2020

In celebration of Sportmax’s 50th anniversary, the brand’s Fashion Director Grazia Malagoli has created a clever 15-piece capsule collection. A sweet tribute to Sportmax from the 1970s, alongside the exclusive book in partnership with Assouline (featured in the new issue of 10 that’s out now). For the collection, Mrs Malagoli has created the ultimate wardrobe for the Sportmax woman: matching pieces in three primary colours: brilliant green, deep, rich red and ‘ultramarine blue’. Ultra good. And of course, there is a good side of accessories. We spoke to Mrs Malagoli about how the Italian fashion landscape has changed, as well as what she learnt from her Mother:

10 Magazine Australia: Which decade is your favourite in the 50 years of Sportmax? Why? 

Grazia Malagoli: “I think that the 70s represented a very important decade for SPORTMAX. It was a particular historical period from a socio-cultural perspective, with a lot of changes in many fields, fashion included. There was clearly a lot of energy in the air. For this reason, we also used the 70s as the prominent reference within the Sportmax Anniversary collection.”

10: When you were creating the 15 piece capsule collection, what was important to you to convey? 

GM: “We started from the research across our archives and all the experience that we inherited from major designers such as Castelbajac who gave huge contribution to our Brand. The signature shaded stitching, which Sportmax introduced back in the 70s by using an innovative Italian sewing machine called RIMOLDI, is the fil rouge of this collection, which we reworked in a more contemporary way and applied to richer fabrics such as cashmere and silk.”

10: Do you have a favourite piece in the capsule? 

GM: “Difficult question I would say. For sure the cape and the green coat stand out within the collection for the clear reference to our pieces from the 70s. The cape resembles the one designed by Castelbajac for Sportmax back in 1976 which featured a very modern shape. I believe it still does nowadays but of course we reinterpreted it in a more contemporary way. The green coat, on the other hand, references one of our iconic pieces from the early 70s which somehow inspired the whole concept of the anniversary collection. If I really have to pick one favourite I would say the red dress, which I also wore at the Sportmax anniversary Book launch in London last in December.”

10: Why did you decide on using three primary colours? 

GM: “The colours we have chosen are those bold and vivid one which were prominent in the 70s, a decade which represented a very important moment for SPORTMAX. Being that specific decade the main starting point for our Anniversary collection, we thought to reflect this even in the choice of the colours.”

10: What would be the ultimate soundtrack to the capsule collection? 

GM: “If I had to choose a soundtrack, I would choose “Azzurra” by Gui Boratto, a DJ who pays an incredible attention to the connection between music and colour. This aspect makes the approach with the capsule immediate. I also find its sounds in line with the attitude shown by the Brand over the years: dynamic, vibrant but always sophisticated and feminine.”

10: In looking back at Sportmax’s history, do you have a favourite Sportmax collaboration? 

GM: “It’s hard to answer. Many creative minds have moulded the history of SPORTMAX and each collaboration has contributed to the success of the Brand in its own way, but it has always been a matter of team work, rather than individuals. This has always been at the very core of our Group philosophy and I believe this somehow contributed to the success of Sportmax too.”

10: How did your Mother’s profession influence your love for fashion? What are your fondest memories in her atelier? 

GM: “My mother used to have a small atelier, and when I was a child I remember I used to assist her during her daily activities in the Atelier. I remember loving to read the magazines she had there, the way dresses were presented, the photos… I believe I inherited this passion from her.”

10: You have said that when you started working in fashion in 1979 the Italian fashion landscape was ‘charming’ and energetic. How would you describe the Italian landscape now? 

GM: “The Italian landscape has become much more complex today, now it’s certainly more difficult to find and bring out creativity and personality. In the past creativity was expressed in a pure and spontaneous way but it must be said that it was much easier to emerge; it was like writing the first words on a white sheet. Instead, with the evolution of fashion, today we are in front of a volume telling everything that has already been done and created. However, I am positive and sure that there is still the possibility to write something new.”

10: So how would you describe the Sportmax woman today?

GM: “I believe that the role of the woman in the society has changed a lot throughout the years and it’s still evolving. I would say that Sportmax is following this evolution. Sportmax was born with the intention of dressing a new generation of young girls, with new needs and desires. Those girls are now real women and their lives are more complex, dynamic, and with more responsibilities, skills and tasks. Our woman is young, concrete, dynamic, with a sportive yet sophisticated attitude and a personal style, fashionable but never overdone.”

10: What is important to you to include in the Sportmax world moving forward? Sustainability etc.

GM: “Our main challenge will still be our mission. If we think of how Sportmax started, it is quite clear that since the very beginning, we have always been projected to the future and to the changes. At that time, it was necessary to look at the new rising generation of women. Somehow they wanted to react to the past and that was visible in many social and cultural aspects. We did and kept doing this throughout these 50 years. So our direction for the future will still be that. Sticking to our roots, always looking ahead and to the new generations, being Avantgarde and ready to change. Sustainability and consciousness are indeed important and delicate matters. We, as a company, believe they need to be treated with good care and with concrete plans. We are working on this but will communicate when ready.”

by Roxy Lola

The Sportmax 50th anniversary capsule collection is available now.





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