Monday 28th October 2019

Jess Kent is back on our radios, on rotation in Ten Towers and we are oh so happy. It’s a new chapter for the singer-songwriter with the release of the ice cold, red hot Slushie that fizzes and bubbles in all its alternative pop greatness with hints of 90s nostalgia in those sly lyrics. In celebration of the release, we asked Jess ten questions:

10: What was the starting point for Slushie? Where did you write it? What inspired it?

Jess Kent: I had just started writing for this new phase and I just experimented with freestyling exactly what I was feeling. That’s why the verses are a bit random- it was just whatever fell out of my brain in those first few minutes. 

10: What do you hope people take away from Slushie? How do you hope people feel listening to it?

JK: For me, memories of a person or time or place are rarely a perfect chronological timeline, they might be snippets, or a certain smell, or just a feeling, all slushed into one. Slushie is like when you first start going on adventures with someone and it’s still in the exciting phase, you don’t care what you do, you can just be driving around. Such a freedom in being young and not knowing what’s going on but just rolling with it.

10: What have you learnt since you last released music?

JK: I’ve learned that authenticity is the most valuable thing you can have as an artist. I’ve learned how important it is to be steering your own creative ship, and to have people on your team that you trust implicitly. 

10: How has your song writing and music evolved in the last year since you moved back to Sydney?

JK: I definitely learnt a lot spending so much time in writing rooms in LA with people I’ve always admired, like Justin Tranter, Jesse St. John… I think my songwriting still feels like me, but maybe with a few more tools in the toolkit. 

10: Where would you love to record an album?

JK: London! Jamaica!

10: Who would you love to collaborate with? Who would be the ultimate Jess Kent feat…

JK: Brockhampton!

10: Who is influencing you at the moment musically?

JK: Brockhampton, Tierra Whack, Dominic Fike, Rei Ami, Doja Cat

10: Do you have a mantra/ words to live by?

JK: Be Kind, Stay Weird. 

10: Favourite Slushie flavour?

JK: The red one.

10: What’s next?

JK: 🍦

Listen to Slushie on Spotify and Apple Music.




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