Thursday 28th May 2020

Audrey Mika is one to watch, one we’ve been watching for over a year. Audrey’s covers popped up on YouTube, where she sang with her now infamous pink plastic microphone, covering Billie Eilish hits and other artists, garnering over 10 million views on some covers. Audrey has built a loyal following with her paperclip earrings becoming the symbol of the fanbase. Paperclip club queen. The nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter released an EP herself titled ‘Level Up’ and has now – literally – levelled up. Sky rocketing into 2020, Audrey has signed to a major label and released another EP titled ‘5 A.M.’ that is quite simply brilliant with a confirmed no-skip six songs. And we like her style. Recently releasing the single ‘Just Friends’, we caught up with Audrey to document this moment in time that we like to refer to as her ‘who is this?!’ moment:

10 Magazine: Its been amazing to watch you grow from your YouTube covers with your fab microphone to nearing world domination. When was the moment that you realised this was all happening for real?

Audrey Mika: “A lot of this happened to fast so I really didn’t realise it very quickly. And still I don’t know how this is my life I’m so grateful everyday. I think a big factor of realising things were happening was when people started recognising me in public which was a super weird feeling to me. Still kinda is.”

10: Where do you do most of your writing? What’s your process of creating music like?

AM: “It depends on the setting or the mood. Sometimes we write in the studio, or sometimes just at home in my room. I also write with my best friend that I live with, so its really easy to write with her. Our process is just making sure we are living our life, and writing from first hand experiences.”

10: Who is on an Audrey Mika playlist?

AM: “Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Kehlani, Daniel Caesar, Brockhampton. I love these artists because of the way they write and truly convey their feelings. Also their music is always an experience to listen to for me.”

10: Who is the dream collab for you? What do you think the song would sound like?

AM: “Ariana Grande and Tyler the Creator are my top dream collabs. Ariana would be a pop record sorta like her song Bang Bang. And I feel the Tyler collab would be kinda like After The Storm with Kali Uchis.”

10: Are you working on an album? What can we expect? 

AM: “We are working on an album. And during this quarantine we’ve done a lot of thinking and perfecting, so I’m truly excited to see how it comes out. We aren’t rushing the process, but an album is definitely in the works.”

10: Who has been the most influential person you’ve met so far? What have they taught you?

AM: “When I met Billie Eilish, I asked her how she didn’t get nervous before shows because I was about to do my first headlining show and I didn’t know how to calm my nerves. She just told me she feels more of an anticipation feeling than nerves because all those people out there are there for you. There’s no judgment or anything, you just go out there and do your thing.”

10: We love what you wear. Does your style onstage differ to what you’re wearing day to day?

AM: “I would most likely wear what I’ve worn on stage. Might be a little fancier, but I’m never afraid to wear anything. And I just choose what to wear based on what Im feeling. Whether that’s baggy clothes or tight clothes. Just kinda look in my closet and put together clothes that look good.”

10: Which designers do you gravitate toward? Are you designing your own merch for the future?

AM: “Virgil Abloh is a major designer I love and would love to be able to work with sometime in the future, we’ve kinda both got that paperclip thing going on :). Tombogo is a streetwear designer from Oakland, where I’m from, and he’s super fly. We just put out our merch yesterday, and we sold some of the merch from tour.”

10: You radiate good vibes – what are some things you do to stay feeling good with the current state of the world. How have you been dealing with isolation?

AM: “Honestly it hasn’t been easy. Mentally and physically. It’s hard because sometimes I just feel like I’m drowning in my own feelings, but then sometimes I feel energised. So it’s very inconsistent. But I love being able to make music whenever I want and that’s the only thing keeping me sane at this moment. I’m also lucky I get to live with my best friends so they keep me busy and laughing.”

10. What do you hope to achieve on this journey?

AM: “My goal in life is to write music with the people I love and share it for as long as I live. Music saved me, so if I have the chance to save someone else I’m gonna do my best to do that with my music.”

Listen to ‘Just Friends’ here and watch the video below.

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