Under Pressure: Vogue opens up weight loss conversation with models

Wednesday 24th April 2019

As the top comment states on Vogue’s next chapter of their ‘The Models’ series, “Best idea Vogue has had in a while.” For the third instalment of the series, Vogue US spoke to nine models, including Gemma Ward about the pressure to lose weight in the industry. Something we all know happens, something not often voiced. It begins with a 20 year old Aiden Curtiss detailing how a breakup that made her physically sick allowed her to book the most jobs yet. Australian model Gemma Ward breaks down in the video: “I don’t know. I feel like I was publicly shamed…It did affect me at the time. I wanted to hide.” The stories of nine models all highlight the same thing: they were booked when they were unhealthily thin, and when they had either grown into their bodies or put on healthy weight, they lost jobs. Another view, and the second top comment on the video: “No shade but I find it interesting Vogue is sharing this. I mean Vogue was part of the pressure and unhealthy expectations models faced for decades. Now that with the change in climate and movement Vogue suddenly shows their concern. I just find it hypocritical. This issue has been going on for so long, hopefully it gets better for them.” But we like that Vogue is sharing this, bringing attention to something models have had to deal with and been quiet about for so long. With an increase in ‘plus size’ models and the healthy desire to be fit as opposed to thin, we’re looking forward to the future. We applaud Vogue. We must all pull together and make sure this stops. Watch the full video below.

by Roxy Lola




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