Tuesday 3rd March 2015

We are eagerly anticipating the next instalment of Mad Max: Fury Road – the trailer is wild and of course we can’t wait to see Abbey-Lee as she is one of our darkly favourite model/actresses. Westfield obvs feel the same way as us and have enlisted her as their new face –  here on email with Rebecca Khoury.

10: Mad Max: Fury Road. So let’s discuss. You’re in very good company in this film, tell us which female co-star did you have the most chemistry with on-set?
Abbey-Lee: Riley Keough and myself connected very quickly. She is one of my dearest friends in the world. Courtney Eaton is the little sister I never had. We have a very good sort of taking care of each other relationship.

10: And so the film was shot in South Africa, how was that?
Abbey-Lee: We were in Namibia for 5 months and then Cape Town for a month. Namibia was intense for us. We were located in the middle of the desert. The sun was blaring but offered no escape from the blistering cold air and the ocean that edged the earth was like ice. The water was Tempting but not welcoming. What I liked most about the desert was the silence. I had never heard such silence before. Cape Town I loved. There’s an energy there that I feel like comes from the youth that I felt very strong.

10: Will we see you in Australia for the premiere?
Abbey-Lee: I hope so…. I don’t know yet what Warner brothers plan in terms of international release.

10: You’ve just shot the Westfield video – what was your favourite piece? We try not to play favourites, but hey…

Abbey-Lee: The gold Cue Jacket.

10: How many piercings do you have? Are you addicted?
Abbey-Lee: I have 13 piercings. Addicted is a strong word.

10: What do you do for fun?
The usual stuff. Movies, parties, museums, dinners, blah blah blah.

10: Health food or champagne?
Abbey-Lee: Champagne.

10: Love or hate?
Abbey-Lee: That’s a crazy question.

10: Your star sign is Gemini. What does that mean to you?

Abbey-Lee: That I have 2 heads.

10: How would you define your essence?
Abbey-Lee: It depends. I wear my heart on my sleeve, terrible at hiding a bad mood… So my essence seems to always be bending and shifting. I can be calming to be around or the opposite depending on when you catch me.

10: What’s the most ridiculous rumour you’ve heard about yourself?
Abbey-Lee: That I had my back teeth removed to change my jaw line. I actually had complete facial reconstructive surgery so I don’t know where they got the teeth thing from.

10: Do you still call Australia home?
Abbey-Lee: No. My home is where my suitcase is.









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