Thursday 13th February 2020


It is 20 years since editor-in-chief Sophia Neophitou had the inspired idea to launch a magazine of her own, a place to celebrate pure creativity, working with the most dedicated and passionate people possible. So much has changed in those two decades, too much to list, except to say that the most profound effect has been from the impact technology has had on us in so many fundamental ways. 

We have worshipped the iPhone, but finally that is changing. We are all looking to use communication in a more meaningful way – we’re channelling what we’re doing on our collective platforms to effect change around social, political and climate issues that are directly affecting us all. 

This issue has been about not only celebrating 10 UK’s anniversary but working with creatives and the brilliant fashion houses who are putting their best foot forward in all kinds of ways, including improving their sustainability practices and increasing diversity. 

For us, Alice Wesley-Smith captured the portfolio for People to Meet from her experience with the Climate Council on Heron Island. Bartolomeo Celestino shot Victoria Lee (who works with Parley for the Oceans) in Fendi, in the shadows of his re-threatened Mittagong; he has done so much to raise awareness of the terrifying bush res that have paralysed us. He also shot Dr Emma Camp, in splendiferous Gucci – she is a leading coral scientist who is working to help regenerate reefs here and around the world. She is also one of 17 United Nations Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals. We rst met her up on Hamilton Island (our happy place), where she was being honoured by Rolex. 

Meanwhile, our beloved Mark Vassallo creatively directed Jade Hsu and the activist and all-round powerhouse Johanna Dias (@selfiegod), dressed in carefully crafted Louis Vuitton. We also shot a Chanel jacket story with Bec Parsons down in the country pre- res – we chose the jacket as a symbol of everlasting luxury in a world where everything needs to count. Photographer Roger Deckker, who has returned to live in Australia, shot the proudly Indigenous Nathan McGuire and Maya Yemana. 

We applaud everyone who has been part of the 10 UK journey so far and ours, too, in Australia. We hope that this issue inspires direct action – read about Chime for Change’s Adam Eli and Rachel Rutt’s story about small brands making a handmade difference – as well as thoughtfulness and the realisation that the time is now. 

by Alison Veness

Issue 15, BEST FOOT FORWARD, is out today.

Above: Victoria Lee wears Fendi photographed by Bart Celestino and styled by Bridie Gilbert.

Below: Jade Hsu wears Louis Vuitton photographed by Charlie Dennington and creative directed by Mark Vassallo.





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