Thursday 15th October 2020

The day has come. Issue 16 of 10 Magazine Australia ‘FAMILY, FOREVER, LOVE’ is out on newsstands today. Read the Editor’s Letter below.


This issue is about family. It was always going to be, even before our Editor-in-Chief, Sophia, contracted Covid-19 in March, ended up in ICU and was swiftly placed in an induced coma. She was hospitalised for a long time, months, and though getting stronger, she is even now suffering the lasting effects of this terrible virus.

But she came through. Amazingly, even when they said to her husband Paul that all was lost, she hung in there. So did we. It was a hard time, a dark time. My father was very ill, and he passed away in the midst of this. My family all rallied round for each other – my fabulous mother Maureen, my number one daughter, Roxy Lola, and one and only son, Somerset. I would have been completely lost without them. Paul and Garth (Spencer) were great, too, always there. And my Vogue family were amazing – Edwina (McCann) kept me going and laughing at 2am (UK time!) almost every day. Practical and funny. Claudia Navone gave me the best guidance and so much hope. So many good friends – Anna, Lyndal, Collette, Renya, Bec, Adam, Mark, Tony – and so many others on silly texts, Insta and calls. It made a difference. Small acts of kindness are never, ever to be underestimated. That this issue exists, then – hoorah! We have attempted to showcase some brilliant people and so many beautiful brands that we love and which have worked so tirelessly to support their medical communities, making gowns, masks, sanitiser, donating money, and so much more during this awful pandemic. The fashion community has been so generous and kept me going, too. I love what I do.

We are proud to support the National Gallery of Australia, too, whose team has been working so hard over the past 18 months on Know My Name, their initiative to add more female artists to the collection. The exhibition opens in November and we will be the first in the socially distant queue.

Maureen took this photograph of me (Miu Miu AW20) in the garden at home in Bristol on my dad’s camera. It was taken for 10 UK, who are celebrating their 20-year anniversary and have featured 60 “family members” in a portfolio of contributors (see an edited slice of this, page 66). I met Sophia in 1989, and we have been family ever since. Below are my answers to their questions:

What does family mean to you?
“Amazing holidays every weekend as a kid in far-flung, rural Great Britain, Concorde, my dad reading books to me, Mum making my summer school dresses and tailoring jackets for me, my two children being my rocks, always, their laughter and total love all round. In short, love.”

What is your most treasured family memory?
Being together recently before my father died, knowing he was fading fast but still all of us loving life together with him.”

You are part of Sophia’s 10 family, tell us a favourite 10
family anecdote.
“Sophia giving unconditional Sophia always, always. I mean, that laugh! The best ‘anecdote’ was hearing the news that Sophia was alive – and then ‘going to make it’. It still makes me cry and give thanks to every god/sign/prayer/moon/sun/star… ”

Thank you to everyone. And especially to you, dear reader, you are the lifeblood.

by Alison Veness

Above cover: Aaliyah Hydes wears Fendi, photographed by Jack Bridgland and styled by Garth Spencer.


Zoe Kezia wears Balenciaga, photographed by James Fisher and styled by Mark Vassallo
Millicent Lee wears Bottega Veneta, photographed by Bart Celestino and styled by Thomas Townsend
Arvida Bystrom wears Chanel, photographed by herself and styled by Sophia Neophitou
Caren Jepemei wears Saint Laurent, photographed by Jenny Brough and styled by Davey Sutto




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