Thursday 24th September 2020

Starley is our new one to watch (and more importantly, listen to). Laser focused. The singer/songwriter has created one of our favourite songs of 2020, the recently released ‘Let Me In’, showcasing the depth of her songwriting. The single is the latest song off her debut project ‘One of One’, set to be released tomorrow. We like a new chapter. We asked Starley 10 Questions about her world:

10 Magazine: We love ‘Let Me In’. Congratulations. Why did you choose this song to be the latest release from your debut project?

Starley: “Thanks, I’m glad you like it. I chose ‘Let me in’ to be the next release from my project because it’s different from the electronic sound most people know me for. I love the whole mood and energy of the song also.”

10: “Where did you create this album?

S: “Between Sydney, Australia and LA. I live in both cities so I guess you can say my heart is divided between the two.”

10: What’s your process like? Do you write lyrics first or melodies or work off of production? 

S: “Hmm, it really comes in different forms. I don’t have one particular way. But I would say I often write down song titles and the beginning of a lyric and I’m always recording voice notes to come back to for when I am ready to write.”

10: When did you begin writing songs? When did you realise this was what you wanted to do?

S: “I started writing from a very early age, I’d say possibly 6 yrs old as a way to escape I feel like. I grew up in a big family and we didn’t have much in way of entertainment so making up songs was an easy way to transport myself. I was probably around 10 when I knew I wanted to sing for real.”

10: You’ve opened up for some amazing artists. Who has been the most influential person you’ve met on your journey so far? What did they teach you

S: “That’s a tough one but I’d probably say Katy Perry. Just her sheer work ethic showed me so, so much. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of her tour.”

10: Has being from Australia influenced your writing?

S: “Ahh definitely. Being from Australia, we are just so far away from everyone else so we tend to just do our own thing naturally. I’m also from very mixed ethnicity. My mum is Aussie/Japanese/Filipino and my dad is Mauritian. There we’re just no boundaries for me. My mum would play pop radio and the carpenters and my Dad would play his one George benson album over and over haha. Until I was old enough to buy my first album which was Mariah [Carey], ‘Butterfly.'”

10: We love your style – what do you wear to the studio? What do you wear when you’re performing?

S: “Thank you. Haha to the studio… hmm. I usually just wear trackies and sneakers. Nothing fancy. The goal is to create a vibe or record a great vocal so comfort is mostly the only thing I care about when it comes to studio. But it’ll still look fly cause I low key always put care into my clothes. For a show, my style is always evolving. At one point I only wore crops and baggy trousers. Then I was having outfits made for me like white overalls with an interesting cut and a bralette covered in pearls. My next shows I’m moving into a new chapter so I’m sure my look will be different again. I just tend to go with what I feel is me at the time.”

10: Why the title ‘One of One’?

S: “One of One was the last song I’d written for my project and the title just felt like it made sense as the album name! One of one takes on so many meanings like Unity, we’re all part of one giant organism. Me and my journey is also unique, I’m one of one, baby, haha.”

10: What do you hope people take from listening to your debut album? 

S: “I hope it makes them feel. That they dance and smile and even cry. I hope they see themselves in my stories and it gives them a sense of relief that they’re not alone.”

10: 2020 has been a crazy year. What have you learnt so far that you will take with you?

S: “Sheesh. Well the biggest lesson for me is that I create my reality. Taking care of my mental health with discipline and diligence has been the sole reason why I was able to complete my project this year. I’m signed to an indie label so it’s a tiny team which means it’s a lot on my shoulders to be be able to get this over the line. But loving what I do and focusing on that love was the saving grace for me.” 

by Roxy Lola

Starley’s debut project One of One will be available on all streaming services tomorrow.

Starley wears Gucci, photographed by Hannah Scott Stevenson.





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