Friday 16th October 2020

Ring the alarm, there’s a new pop princess on the block and we like her a lot. CXLOE is creating sad girl music, a compliment in 2020. Her music is infused with a little innocence, dark, but we’re dancing. Today CXLOE releases her debut project ‘Heavy, Pt.1.’ We asked the Australian singer/songwriter Ten Questions about creating ‘sad girl music’ and how she hopes to affect change in the industry:

10 Magazine: We love your song ‘Heavy.’ Your voice is brilliant. Who did you listen to growing up, who are you inspired by?

CXLOE: “Thank you! I listened to a lot of Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy and Sarah Bareilles. I’m now inspired by Tove lo, Banks and Allie X.”

10: How do you feel going into release week of your debut project? What do you hope people take from it?

C: “I feel so nervous! I’m quite scared to have my first body of work out but also so excited and have worked really hard on it. I hope people can relate to it in some way, even if its just a little. I cover a lot of heavy concepts throughout the EP so I hope when people listen they can feel less alone if they relate to any of it.”

10: What’s the difference between CXLOE and Chloe? Are they two different people?

C: “CXLOE is an extension of Chloe. I created CXLOE so that I was able to give myself on stage and theatrically but also turn off when I needed to and dip back in Chloe. One cant function without they other. I give power to both sides of myself so that they can co exist. CXLOE is extreme, bold, unapologetic and craves depth. Chloe is vulnerable, warm, complex and organic. We are so different but need each other to exist.”

10: What was the process of making this project? What was the best part?

C: “The process of making this EP was over the past few years. I’ve been writing these tracks for a while and it only came together over the past 6 months when I finally felt I had written a cohesive and meaningful body of work. The best part was experimenting in the studio with sounds, themes and concepts. I find this part so much fun. Its the releasing part I find scary…!”

10: We love your look. What do you love to wear when you’re performing as CXLOE? Are there specific designers you’re drawn to?

C: “Thank you! Fashion is a big part of my world when performing and its so fun to play around with. To be honest I just kind of mix and match and most of the time aren’t designer. I love tulle, and big skirts mixed with vintage t-shirts and latex. Items and contrast each other. So soft and sharp, thick and thin etc.”

10: Who would you love to collaborate with?

C: “I’d love to collab with Banks or Allie X.”

10: Love Banks! Your music has been described as ‘dark’ and ‘sad girl music’. Do you agree? How would you describe your sound?

C: “Yes, definitely. I’d describe it as dark pop. Conceptually all the concepts I write about are quite raw and heavy but the sonics of these songs are definitely very pop. They’re catchy but sad at the same time? My favourite type of music is dance cry music, music you can dance and cry to at the same time!”

10: Us too. What do you hope you bring to the Australian music scene? Are there parts of the industry you want to change?

C: “I want the music industry to be more inclusive of minorities and take more risks. Taking more risks in terms of sounds and artists to back and push. And inclusion of minorities that are overlooked in the music industry and who don’t have a fair go like the rest of us. Also to provide a safer space for minorities at festivals/workshops/events.”

10: Great answer. Will there be a Heavy Part 2? 

C: “YES!! And she’s all written!”

10: And lastly, for fun. If Heavy Part 1 was an outfit, what would it be? 

C: “A latex boot and glove. A soft baby pink tulle skirt with a vintage corset.”

by Roxy Lola

Listen to ‘Heavy Part 1’ here.




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