Saturday 21st December 2019

We are hardcore maskers here at Ten Towers. Such Skincare’s Mindy Bonomelli has created the ultimate bum mask. Yes, Australian clay masks, 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan, for our butts. The bare-it-all essential is, of course, now a Ten essential. We spoke to our fave beach babe Mimi Elashiry, photographed by Byron Spencer, bum mask and all, about the summertime and her masking routine. The must-knows:

10 Magazine: What does your ultimate Australian summer look and feel like?

Mimi Elashiry: “I love a juggling act. I have time-off from full time dancing over summer, So between family time at chrissy in Sydney and time at home in Melbourne, we have two extremes. One looks like 5 Chihuahuas, 2 sisters, early morning rises, long walks and runs, yoga, abit of boxing, ice cold smoothies and healthy, early, home cooked dinners with mum before heading to the beach for sunset in Sydney. It feels fit, sweaty, tight, energized and motivated and full of family love..  The other looks like 10am still in bed,  maybe a stretch but maybe not,  strolling down to my local cafe for a coffee and a croissant, flicking through broadsheet, maybe an aperol spirtz at lunch somewhere Italian with someone, catching sun rays in the park, late dinners and even later nights in Melbourne. It feels pretty nonchalant, like a European holiday.”

10: When did you become comfortable in your body?

 ME: “This year. In February. It was a sudden shift. I cant really explain it, I always had an understanding of the concept of self love, yet never truly embodied and accepted it within myself, i always had insecurities and no matter what I did I was never truly happy with myself physically – coming from a dance background I saw my body in a very athletic way and was always killing myself training trying to mould it… but I never really got there, until I suddenly decided I love myself the way I am – a little muscly pocket rocket and stopped trying to be something else. I’ve always known, as a woman my body will fluctuate, but i never wholeheartedly loved myself through the variety of transitions until now. I find myself looking in the mirror that ‘time of the month’ and when I would normally be stressing about a puffy face and a pot belly, Im there saying  ‘damn your booty looks cute girl!’ and jiggling around in the mirror.”

10: How do you express yourself in your body?

ME: “Earlier this year in Milan I had a wonderful friend and constant inspiration Amanda Shadforth say that she sees me  communicate with the world and tell my story through movement. Then I realised, dancing is not only my passion, it is my identity.  Going back to full time training has really helped me embody self expression in a physical way. I express myself through moving my body, whether I am taking on a character and  performing a choreographed piece on stage, letting emotion, frustration or perhaps rage out in a fast turning sequence in ballet class or as i strut aggressively fast through the airport (I do this all the time) Even simply having a conversation with a friend, I talk with my hands, they dance all over the place… very Egyptian of me.”

10: What makes you feel empowered?

ME: “This might sound a bit strange, but at the moment, feeling strong (I’m talking, dead lifting 70kgs  strong, not sit ups strong) and at my physical peak for performance in dancing has made me feel like wonder woman. If you ask me to do a trick, I’ve got one. and I know I can nail it. Since I identify as a dancer nothing makes me happier than knowing i can confidently – dance.” In addition to this, and on topic – having the freedom; the luxury in fact to express myself as/if and whenever I wish, is pretty damn empowering.”

10: Where do you feel most free?

ME: “In my apartment, blasting sexy tunes and dancing basically naked in front of the TV (using it as a mirror to check myself out, because im feelin’ myself).”

10: Summer playlist?

 ME: “Groove on, a Playlist by mimielashiry on Spotify (wink).”

10: Summer beach book?

 ME: “I have not yet found a book this summer. Some one… HELP!”

10: What is the importance of bum masking?

ME: “Please tell me, who on this planet earth, DOESN’T want the skin on their ass to be smooth and soft?”

10: Best part about bum-masking?

 ME: “Having an excuse to play with your bum in public.”

10: Post bum-masking routine?

ME: “Hanging out with a cute boy and saying ‘WOW, my bum is SO soft, touch it!'”

by Roxy Lola





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