Monday 7th September 2020

Perto the prodigy. The Sydney-born producer has cosigns from Diplo and Timbaland at the age of 18 and is making serious electronic waves. Releasing a new single over the weekend ‘I Miss You (feat Banoffee)’ we talked to Perto about how the collaboration happened and what the future might hold:

10 Magazine: How did the collaboration with Banoffee happen?

Perto: “There was a week between lockdowns in which I booked out a studio in Melbourne for a week. I had my favourite local artists/writers come through and make music :). In Banoffee and I’s session we sat down and my plan was to play her a bunch of ideas but on the first one Martha had made up her mind that that idea was going to be our song. Only a couple of hours later we had ‘I miss you’ basically finished :). We got ramen too.”

10: What were you thinking about when you wrote it?

P: “I started the initial idea a few weeks before our session and it just kinda sat on my laptop until I played it to Martha. Production wise, I just wrote a cute beat and didn’t think too much of it, honestly.”

10: It seems you love fashion – do you gravitate toward any specific brands?

P: “This changes all the time but I’m really into early [collections] ‘number (n)ine’ right now :). Especially the ss05 collection <3.”

10: Who is the most interesting person you’ve found yourself in the studio with?

P: “Probably Ludacris. I was in Miami with Timbaland and he was just around. I’m not sure if they worked on music earlier that day but I watched him hold a tea bag for like half an hour.”

10: It’s a crazy time right now, especially for musicians who are unable to tour – what are you learning from staying put right now?

P: “I’m learning that I enjoy walking for long periods of time (don’t worry I’m not putting anyone in danger).”

10: Have you managed to create during this isolation period?

P: “I think so? I’ve had times where all I’ve been able to do is create and times where I haven’t been able to do anything at all, that’s kinda where I’m at right now :/.”

10: Who would you love to collaborate with?

P: “Oli XL.”

10: What’s next? What are you looking forward to?

P: “Everything is kinda fucked up right now. I’m supposed to have toured and moved to the US by now. I was really excited for that but there is some really cool stuff going on too! I’m designing clothes and making new types of music and spending lots of time with my friends online making art with them. S/o trashar, awesomeguy700 and Will hypothetical!”

by Roxy Lola

Photograph by Byron Spencer.

Listen to ‘I Miss You’ here.




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