Wednesday 13th November 2019

Sandro Mandrino is the master of Moncler Grenoble. The Creative Director of Moncler Grenoble has been at the helm for almost a decade – he knows the power of a puffa. As the Moncler House of Genius Pop Up concept stores take over Milan, Paris and Tokyo until the end of January with exclusive limited edition pieces (including the brilliant jacket pictured above), the new Grenoble collection has also launched. We spoke to Mr Mandrino to get the lowdown on his tenure a Moncler:

10 Magazine: What were you thinking about whilst designing this collection?

Sandro Mandrino: The main inspiration for this collection was the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. I really like the vibes of the music festival and wanted to recreate that atmosphere for 3 Moncler Grenoble in order to bring the rave vibes on the slopes!

10: Have you spent time in Grenoble? If so, what is it like there? 

SM: To be honest I just passed by the city while travelling in the south of France. It is a city surrounded by an amazing landscape!

10: How has your design process evolved over the last (almost) decade that you’ve been designing with Moncler?

SM: I’ve started working on Moncler Grenoble since its launch in 2010 and of course many things have changed because the whole brand has changed and evolved a lot during the years. What I really admire is the way the brand has changed: Moncler continues to follow its consumers’ needs remaining closed to its heritage and DNA. Moncler biggest change has arrived with the Moncler Genius project: to be part of a such innovative project and work on 3 Moncler Grenoble was to me an amazing and energetic challenge! 

10: Who would be playing at the ultimate Grenoble snow festival?

SM: Good question…for sure someone that could recreate the Woodstock festival atmosphere and vibes!

10: Who would you love to see wearing this collection? 

SM: I love to see people wearing my collection, I love to see them on the slopes, in the cities and I also love to see the way in which people are wearing my collection, the way they mix and customise it.

10: Favourite piece from the collection?

SM: Hard to choose one…the white fringed ski suit is definitely a stand out also because of the strong styling but I also love the flower fringed and tie-dye ski jackets.

10: What’s the technological innovation you’re most proud of in this collection?

SM: 3 Moncler Grenoble has technicality at its core and this is reflected through the fabrics, that are of course water and wind resistant and with membranes and velcro closures that help movement and protection. But what I would say that what I am most proud of this collection is the combination this technicality and the fashion element: the technical becomes the free space to experiment with unusual prints and applications such as the patchwork technique and the flower patterns. I am also very proud of the tie-dye handmade technique because I feel that mixing technology with craftsmanship projects us in the future while always been connected to the past.   

10: How does it feel to be part of a group of Geniuses?

SM: The Moncler Genius project is based on creativity and freedom to express it at the fullest. To be part of a such innovative project like Moncler Genius and to work on 3 Moncler Grenoble alongside so many talented designers was an incredible opportunity. What amazes me is the fact that we all started from the same product – the down jacket – and we all made, thanks to our different backgrounds and techniques, 10 very diverse collections.    

10: What is your definition of a Genius?

SM: In my opinion, a Genius in fashion should be very creative, with the ability to think forward and most of all without any fear to fail.

10: What’s next?

SM: Who knows? 

by Roxy Lola





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