Tuesday 7th August 2018

We love a man in Stella McCartney’s menswear, and Ashton Sanders is our kinda man. The 22 year old actor from LA is known for his role in the Oscar winning film Moonlight and know he is crossing into our world. Eeeexcellent. For Stella McCartney’s AW18 menswear film, Austin Lynch filmed a self-styled, self-narrated Sanders hanging out in all things Stella. He looks good, he speaks well. We like his style. And because we can never get enough, we needed to know more:

Growing up in LA, did you always want to be an actor, or be in entertainment?  Can you paint some picture of your childhood?

“Yes, but not because of Los Angeles being an entertainment hub, I was just always interested in performing, at a young age.  Now I’m here.  I was just really into…I grew up in this acting conservatory called Amazing Grace Conservatory, that trains kids between the ages of 8-18 in singing, acting and dancing.  So performance art, acting, singing, dancing, amongst the different skillsets in that genre.”

Was there a moment you could describe when you knew you wanted to be an actor?  

A: I remember simultaneously being in the program and just having gone to see the Lion King at the Pantages Theater, and the ‘circle of life’ came on and they had all these humans as animals in these puppet costumes, going down the aisle ways and everything I was literally on the edge of my chair; this little kid crying, so infatuated, so engaged and so involved, and I just loved everything about being on stage.  In that moment I was definitely like ‘Yo that’s what I want to do’. So for a minute I wanted to be a Broadway actor.  I’d still love to do Broadway you know, but that’s where everything came in. 


Was Moonlight a really transformative project for you in a way? 

“Yeah definitely. Moonlight was a project that was very near and dear to my heart, and to everyone involved.  I think we all kind of left the project after filming, and it changed people.  That was a year prior to the film actually coming out.  So everything collectively has been lovely.”

How do you describe your personal style?

“Well fashion is kind of like its own form of art, right?  Art is self-expression.  The way I view it is…I look at the looks I create or the clothes I wear as extensions of myself, of a part of myself, whether it’s my actor self or just who I am living in the world, and that’s always changing.  So that’s where that stems from.”

So you enjoy putting on different clothes and feeling a different way as you wear them?

“I feel like my style of dress at whatever point my style is in that moment, is a part of me.  My style, which changes sporadically, is kind of self-expression almost, it’s how I feel, where I’m at in my life, how I just shaved my head for instance, that was spontaneous because that was just what I felt like; that’s where I’m at in my life right now, I just wanted something new.”


What do you think about this new collection? 

“Oh it’s dope.  Stella definitely did her thing, you’ll definitely be seeing me wearing a bunch of this new collection for sure.”

What’s next for you? 

“What’s next…well I have this little project ‘Equalizer 2’ I’m playing opposite Denzel Washington. So that’s pretty exciting… Also ‘Native Son’, it’s this adaptation of this Richard Wright book, it’s a black classic novel, and I’m really excited for that too.  I think it’s going to be really important in the film world and the black community, so I’m really excited about that.”

What is the most beautiful thing in the world, according to you?

“The most beautiful thing OF the world I feel is freedom and love; those are beautiful qualities to have and beautiful feelings to feel.  Right?”


by Roxy Lola





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