Friday 20th January 2017

We do love an arty explosion/collaboration. This is what happened when Byron Spencer met Gemma Threadgate… things got all tied up and very close to the edge. Dangerous and inexplicably compelling, heck, that’s textiles for you.

Roxy Lola: First things first. Can you tell us about the trouble that happened in Utopia?
Gemma Threadgate: “The trouble is nothing happened. The utopian ideals of modernist architecture never became fully realised and we are now left with the relics of their abandoned optimism.”

 If you had to describe your essence as an artist in one sentence what would it be?
“I take inspiration from my everyday life and use that to make objects for every day.”

Describe your process? How do you come up with the prints?
“I like to start off with a idea and then research, mind map and build from that idea to then create colourways and prints. For this collection I started off  exploring Brutalist architecture which lead me to Le Corbusier, modernism,  and utopian ideals.”

Do you listen to music whilst creating? If so, what do you listen to?
“Yes, as I am alone most of time while designing and screen printing I like to have music on in the background. At the moment I have been listening to Sleater-Kinney and Dick Diver.”

Is there a specific time of the day or night where your creativity explodes?
“My creativity and big ideas always seem to come late at night when I am half asleep in bed, majority of the time I recall them the next day.”

Biggest influences? Which other artists inspire you?
“Biggest influences change with each collection I create, for this collection it was architecture and Le Corbusier.  I find inspiration in friends who are artists and designers and taking a chance and creating something unique and original such as Emma Mulholland, Claire Johnson, and Byron Spencer . I have always been inspired by Byron’s photography, his energy and evolving style.”

Dream Threadgate wearer/buyer?
“Someone who likes to be comfortable and enjoys their living space and appreciates unique, ethical and sustainable designs.”

“This year I would like to build  relationships with local cotton mills to create my own unique fabrics grown, spun and weaved in Australia which I can then hand dye or hand screen print.”

Bucket list?
“Stay the night in Le Corbusier’s Unite d’habitaiton in Marseille, France.”

The best moment so far on your creative journey?
“Hand screen printing a four colour 6m repeat design all by myself without any mistakes.”





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