Wednesday 26th October 2016

Girl/(boy) where do you think your going… Well when we talked to many of the Fashion 2016 honours students at UTS last week they were on a mission with many hoping to head to Parsons, one said Antwerp, another Central Saint Martins, some to style, some to work here. Class of 2016 is a great grad group, full of purpose and tiny concise collections, well edited thoughts and a total credit to UTS and the teaching staff. So last night was the show, tough in some ways as only 15 from the 30 students were picked to make it onto the runway. Perhaps it’s too soon to say we have favorites as they are all ones to watch… But we did love the knitwear all up, especially by Emily Stone, it was brilliant. Someone buy it now. Across all 15 the color was singing, strong, confident and all the collections felt fresh and pushing the conversation of revolution and change forwards. Liked Agnes Boen’s fucked up aristocrat who still has her pearls on after a hard night out at a stately home, shivering in the lightness of her shocking pink wool shrugs, all open weave; loved the boldness of Emma Holmes’ volume, sculptural, cobalt and white chequers and we wanted Talia Jimenez’ clever mega prints, sign her up Stella McCartney right now! Her oversize overalls crawling with lobsters and crabs are so cool. And Zhuxuan He’s origami sunburst of sunrise fiesta so clever and Josie Aynsley’s decon pink, sky blue, shady suede leather all bits and bobs like a modern tool kit, great. Natalie Vladimiroff took us somewhere pink, green, red, pony, big sky thinking, volume, powerful, high impact.  Stefanie Hung gave us lush discord, corduroy tape pants, shaggggy, tempered with stripe cotton and that great combo of dark olive and pale pink sleeves. Hannah Tan screamed survival with her bold menswear and the Harris Tweed coat painted with turquoise, ode to wode, liberating, cry freedom. Love the randomness of this collection. And then finally Nehma Vitols ragabond tribe, totally light and otherworldly. It’s a great time to be in fashion. Exploration is up for grabs and the grabbed it. Off the catwalk we loved the reclaimed denim by Abbey Walker someone should buy the lot and sign her up, and the jumble of Madeleine Howald, slick. As you can see we were impressed.

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