Thursday 16th May 2019

There has been #GucciGarden, #GucciHallucination, #GucciGram, #GucciGang and now, behold #GucciGig. A collaborate music project is behind the Gucci’s new eyewear collection. Alessandro Michele has invited artists and musicians to come together to produce original work for Gucci’s wonderland world on the web. Aka social media. The musicians and bands of #GucciGig include Australian singer-songwriter Alex Cameron (in collaboration with Jemima Kirke and Jack Ladder); Yves Tumor (with Jordan Hemingway); Curtis Harding (with Matt Correia and John Zabawa); band Amyl and the Sniffers (with Jamie Wdziekonski); Cole Alexander of Black Lips and Crush (with Ariana Papademetropoulos); Lou Doillon; Jehnny Beth (with Johnny Hostile); band Kikagaku Moyo (with Alessio Vitelli); Weyes Blood (with Taylor Giali); Populous (with Odd Arts), Connie Constance (with Sophie Jones and Morgan Benjamin); Merry Lamb Lamb (with Somewhere Nowhere Studio). The collaborations have taken many forms – fan art, gig flyers, posters, films of backstage and onstage reporting etc. Gucci’s got it going on. According to the House the eyewear collection has  whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll vibes, thus the collaboration. Both classic oversized square frames and a selection of aviator styles. As part of the rollout, Gucci will debut a Spotify account with each chosen musician creating a playlist with a theme. In the words of Penny Lane, ‘it’s all happening.’

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Australian singer-songwriter Alex Cameron @alkcm paired up with artist @jemima_jo_kirke, his collaborator and partner, for #GucciGig to create imaginary fan posters begging Alex to tour Mexico, along with graphics from musician @jackladder and pilot and aviator Gucci sunglasses by @alessandro_michele. “A lotta people write to me, telling me ‘come to Mexico.’ I only wish I had the resources and local know-how to put on a show there. I’m gonna get there one day. Until then, I saw this #GucciGig campaign as an opportunity to assure everyone that I want to ‘come to Mexico’ just as much as they want me to. Jemima’s collage keeps my eyes moving in fascinating directions, a feeling similar to traveling the world over multiple times a year.”— @ana_kinsella Alex Cameron has created ‘Blue Eyes’ a playlist on #Gucci’s new @spotify profile. Discover #GucciEyewear through link in bio.

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@jehnnybeth is a polymath. Between her work as frontwoman of Savages, the intense all-female London postpunk band, and acting in movies such as the recent ‘An Impossible Love’, she moves across creative fields. In oversize two-tone square-frame #GucciEyewear sunglasses, Jehnny is seen in instant images following her life on and off stage for #GucciGig, a series of musician-artist collaborations. Made in collaboration with Savages producer Johnny Hostile @johnnytheho, there’s a familiar theatricality in these images, seen also in Jehnny’s constantly energetic presence. — @ana_kinsella Every musician from #GucciGig has created a playlist on #Gucci’s new Spotify profile, discover Jehnny Beth’s playlist ‘Xmas came Early’ through link in bio. @alessandro_michele

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@kikagaku.moyo means ‘geometric patterns’, it’s an apt description of the five-piece Japanese band’s music style, with songs that build up to create lush, structured pieces. For #GucciGig, a collaborative project that invites musicians to work with artists to represent their live performance in illustrations, photography and videos featuring #GucciEyewear, illustrator @alessio_vitelli casts the band wearing black aviators with yellow lenses in rainbow-colored 1970s-style psychedelic posters, putting them in the context of their influences. Kikagaku Moyo now support the psychedelia scene in Japan with their own label, spreading improvisatory music all over the world. — @kchayka Every musician from #GucciGig has created a playlist on #Gucci’s new @spotify profile, discover Kikagaku Moyo’s imaginary journey through outer space playlist ‘Summer Trip to the Tropical Galaxy’ through link in bio. @alessandro_michele

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