Monday 8th July 2019

A new seasonal Chanel beauty collection represents a new chapter in life. For Autumn/Winter 2019,  Lucia Pica has gone back to Gabrielle Chanel’s wisdom on noir et blanc: “Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” And so came Noir Et Blanc De Chanel, a collection created by Pica that explores harmony, in line with the Modernist architecture of Paris. Pica has cleverly related the colours to the time in Mademoiselle Chanel’s life, saying “Black and white are the colours I relate most to Gabrielle Chanel; the time she lived in, the power she gave these colours, the way they appeared in her life. Black and white were in her surroundings, in the interiors, in the architecture of Paris as well as in the symbolism of her life.” It is the ultimate classic Chanel makeup collection: a soft, shimmering gel for the face and neck, mirroring the lighting of stage and studio. “There is an idea of extreme fantasy as well as reality in this collection, of something very stylized or delineated while embracing the day-to-day,” Pica says. “There is a certain palpability to the texture; it is so real it becomes part of your skin. At the same time the sparkle hovers above it, becoming almost like an aura, a kind of glamour…” Oh how we love sparkling glamour. Its all in the eyes with a new Les 4 Ombres palettes Noir Suprême with its into-the-night khaki copper brown, stormy grey, sneaky dark brown and a deep wine burgundy. The good stuff. The Modern Glamour palette is classic cinematic, with a satin white, a never-ending matte black, a shimmering silver and an intense grey. “Photographic shades.” A luminous top coat of silver sparkles comes in slick white packaging alongside the anti-gold reflector in black. And the lips. The Rouge Coco Gloss comes in Laque Noire, a heart attack deep black cherry and Crystal Clear, the ultimate translucent gloss. Liquid powders and lipsticks come in caramels, rosewoods and rosebuds. All dark, deep, drama. Into the night. Yes, this is perfect harmony.

by Roxy Lola




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