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Nicky Zimmermann has music on her mind. Don’t we all. For Fall 2021, Zimmermann was a celebration of good beats, great music, classic prints and simply having a good time. As is the Zimmermann way. Inspired by memories of ‘Countdown,’ Nicky got to work on ‘In Concert,’ mixing prints, introducing denim that ‘serves attitude’ (hell yeah). Bubble skirts bounced and signature Zimmermann frills flounced. We talked to Nicky about music and creating a collection during a global pandemic:

At which moment did you remember Countdown and decide to create a collection around this memory?
When we started to think about this collection, we knew we wanted it to be fun and uplifting and for me that instantly conjured up memories of Countdown as that is exactly the mood the show evoked. 

Is there a performance you remember that inspired you at the time? 

There were so many incredible acts from Iggy Pop to David Bowie but for me the appeal was the entire mood of the show - it was exuberant, unapologetic, and honest and had this incredible synergy between fashion and music. The show didn’t alienate anyone - you had access to some of the world’s biggest stars from your lounge room and felt very much a part of the show. 

How has the state of the world over the last year affected how you’re creating? 

We are always striving to create pieces our client will fall in love with and that will make her feel uplifted – it is at the heart of why we design the things we do. Creating this small escape for our clients is now more relevant than ever. 

What were you listening to and reading when making Fall 21?

I love to listen to podcasts or audio books driving into the office I find it relaxing to immerse myself into something completely different to what I’m working on so I can switch on when I get to the office. I recently listened to Shuggie Bain which was incredible. 

‘In Concert’ is a great name. Who would you love to see in concert right now if you could? 

Although impossible I wish I could see David Bowie play again - to me he is an absolute icon and remains one of my favourite artists to this day. For the presentation we filmed a few Australian acts performing who appear on the large-scale LED screens on the runway – it was so enjoyable seeing these young artists in action doing what they love. 

Do you have a favourite look? 

I absolutely adore Look 37 – we created our own artwork for the print which features painted cassettes, record players, rainbows, and stars - we thought it would be really fun to apply the print to an elegant full-length dress. I will definitely be wearing this to my next dinner party. 

What do you hope Zimmermann women feel when wearing this collection? 

We hope she feels uplifted and is ready to have a good time!