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Have you stopped by at Tommy’s Drop Shop yet? The e-store is Tommy Hilfiger’s ultimate spot for experimentation, where creatives from across the globe are invited to create limited-edition capsule collections with the brand.

Following on from micro-capsules designed by Sportsbanger, Studio Zome and Mago Dovjenko, the second instalment of Tommy’s Drop Shop comes courtesy of Mysterious Al.

The Melbourne-based artist – who spent 10 years as a seminal figure in London’s street art scene, where he’s originally from – has co-designed a series of tees, long sleeves and hoodies with the brand. Al’s signature chaotic murals in vivid technicolour are now, for the first time, wearable.

“The designs were based on artworks I made during the long, hard lockdown,” explains Al. “I made everything as bright and fun as I could, and added some positivity and good vibes. We all need that at the moment”

Each Tommy’s Shop Drop is produced in small quantities, made from 100% organic or recycled cotton. It’s part of Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainable ethos, as the brand is on a mission to create fashion that “wastes northing and welcomes all.”

Tommy’s Drop Shop continues Tommy Hilfiger’s dedication to creative collaboration, which has been a pillar to the brand since it was founded in 1985 – seen now through an authentic lens that feels so attuned to today.

You can shop the Mysterious Al’s Tommy’s Drop Shop collection here.