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Maurice Terzini and Gareth Moody are joining forces for NONPLUS, their new collaborative label. Inspired by “sea-punk” and androgynous, it’s everything they do best - a fusion of Maurice’s Ten Pieces and 10+ and Gareth’s Non-Type - featuring tailored Italian wool and Indonesian leather suits. We spoke to NONPLUS about what to expect ahead of the show at Icebergs today:

Why did you decide to collaborate again?

Gareth:Not one reason… for lots of reasons. We compliment each other and both bring certain strengths to the relationship, initially we were talking about a few pieces but we got caught up in the momentum and decided to push it a little further and see what unfolds.” 

Maurice: “It was of course over a drink. It seemed organic and useful to work together and create together, the joy of creating something beautiful. It really started as an art project, small 6 items now it’s turned into a full capsule of 42 and a show, but again it just felt right.”

How has working together changed over the years?

G: “Better wine...Better music... Better food = better results!”

M: “We have become more stubborn but have also developed better skills in many areas from design to execution our styles have become simpler so more in line. Apart from that pretty much the same we enjoy breaking bread, drinking good wine and listening to ROLAND S HOWARD.”

You have touched on hero pieces from your own collections. What’s new about this collection? How have you updated these pieces?

G: “That’s true, for me that’s a key part of the collaboration, it’s a nod to the past present and future works. Yes, updated and re worked, new tweaks and fits / fabrications / trims / adjustments of course... + newness + nowness a fresh take on mens wear... it’s a small capsule, so we can’t fit everything in but what we have focused on is mens tailoring, modern classics, slow fashion, low impact and small scale factories with small scale footprints. A capsule wardrobe.”

M: “Yes it’s a retrospective with a twist, we are both in search of the perfect uniform. We feel we are one step closer with NONPLUS. I think we both wanted to achieve something for Australian menswear which sort of gets left behind. Tailoring was a very important part of this capsule and definitely not producing land fill.”

What does sea-punk mean to you?

G: “The ocean + the streets.”

M: “Surf punk is a really a Sydney Australian vibe, street, loose skate, surf punk music, fast with no fear, so unmistakably Australian. The ocean also gives this whole vibe a sense of belonging and authenticity.”

Why is it important to you to let the models not use hair and makeup?

G: “Natural, authentic, relaxed, real, effortless, pure, and obviously the correct attitude and proportions for the collection…This allows for the true nature of each person / model be seen, it also compliments the nature of the collection and ethos behind it.”

M: “We wanted a pure look and we felt that with the casting we were looking for crew that was really crew. They know how to wear there hair better than anyone, also being by the ocean we wanted that wake up go for a surf vibe while listening to T REX meets TECHNO.”

What has influenced the casting? What did you look for?

“Models with a strong natural confidence and effortless glide.”

Who inspires you in the design world? Artists etc.

G: “Nick Cave. Anthony Bordain, Picasso, Yohji, Dries, Margiela, Lynch, Boyd, Pollock, Bukowski, Kubrick, Attenborough too name a few.”

M: “Mike Simmonetti (Pale Blue 2MR Records Jersey) in fact this is the third time I have worked with him and he wrote the score to our show. Obviously Rick Owens, Borris Sabieri, Heart of Bone, Roland Howard (RIP), T REX, The Pantheon Rome, The Fiat Factory Torino the incredible Harry’s Bar Venice as well as American Bar at the Savoy London, Alex Pichard (Ice Chef).”

What’s the soundtrack to NONPLUS?

“Mike Simmonetti.”

What inspires you in Australia? What inspires you in Bali?

G: “The land, the day in day out beauty of mother nature, the people, the coast line, the ocean, the hinterland, friends family, loved ones. Bali, as above but swap the hinterland for the jungle.”

M: “My community, it’s all about community and my kids are the funniest people in the world, they inspire me.”