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Moncler Genius is feeling the Tokyo drift this season. Sergio Zambon, menswear designer of Moncler 1952, was inspired by the energy of the city, collaborating with two cult Tokyo brands, Wander and Suicoke. Focused on the idea of ‘resting out’ the pieces feature the technical aspect of Moncler performance wear infused with a sense of comfort amongst vivid, brilliant colours. We spoke to Zambon about the collection and his love for Japan:

We love the new collection. Why Tokyo? What prompted you to begin looking at the city? 

“I had the idea of collaborating with “a city” from the last FW collection through involving local creatives. I started with La and travelled to Tokyo for this collection. Tokyo stimulated my desire of travelling during the restriction and I am really attracted from their very forward style attitude and their way of reinterpreting the streetwear."

The collection aims to define a new comfort zone: can you further describe this comfort zone? Why did you want to create a new comfort zone?

“I define “comfort zone” as a ‘resting out’ mood. The cozy styles we generally wore at home suddenly became part of the look due to the restrictions. I felt the need to create a comfort zone from the pandemic fatigue.”

You worked with artist Karo Akpokiere, what do you love about their work that makes it right for this collection? 

“I spotted Karo visiting la Biennale di Venezia. I was so intrigued by his work that I wanted to discover more about him and I found out he had worked on iconic Japanese graphics. The link was there, I was starting to work on my collection and the inspiration for my 2 MONCLER 1952 collection came from Japan…”

And Wander and Suicoke are the Tokyo brands you chose to collaborate with this season. What do you love about each of their creations?

"I love and wander very “designed” streetwear and their sense of minimal colours while of Suicoke I like how fast their sporty slippers become iconic that remind me  what I am doing here in Moncler: translating the iconic in contemporary."

What do you love about Japanese culture, personally? 

"I love their way to do things, they really care about small details in everything they do. I have in my mind the way they pack things…"

The collection has a sense of ‘resting’ to it, like the slippers made for outdoor wear and knitted tracksuits. Why did you love this idea of resting in 2021? 

"It is very connected with the moment we live and the lockdown. I personally, and I think I am not the only one,  rediscovered how important is our domestic life and the comfort of wearing cozy clothes."

There is a sustainability element, where certain pieces have been made with ‘lower impact’ materials. What are these materials and how has striving to be more sustainable opened your eyes, design-wise?

"I think it is mandatory to be responsible with our environment NOW, meaning we have no time to lose and the positive side of the pandemic, if any, is that it pushed us to realize that. I think we all need to do something, and I tried to help as much as I can as a designer. We are constantly looking for new fabrics with a lower impact on the environment."

Who would you love to see wearing this collection?

"I always enjoy to see people in the street wearing my collection and I every time take inspiration on the way people wear it and mix it. I was very happy to see an emerging Italian tik toker with a terrific number of followers wearing my jacket. his name is Khaby Lame. 

What is the soundtrack to this collection?

"Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars – Leave the Door Open." 

Do you have a favourite look/piece - perhaps one you are most proud of, or that encapsulates the collection as a whole?

"The new jacket cape, in black shiny iconic nylon and semitransparent asparagous green. It makes you feel at home, everywhere because of the comfort!"

The new collection is available today.