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We're skincare obsessed here at Ten Towers and Habitual Beauty is the Australian made, Australian owned, and Australian ingredient-sourced beauty brand simplifying the skincare routine. Keira Rumble founded the brand out of a series of health issues, creating the effect 5-step routine of products - including ingestible beauty, because it’s 2021, duh. We spoke to Keira about the creation of Habitual Beauty and who's on the HB playlist:

Tell us how Habitual Beauty began? Why ‘habitual’? Were you always interested in skincare? 

"Habitual Beauty really was created based on my own needs! I was wanting to find a brand that was clean but just as effective as my cosmeceutical products, and I just couldn’t find one! When people started asking me online what my favourite brand was, I just couldn’t really recommend one specific brand that covered off everything. I class myself as skincare obsessed so it really was a natural progression for me to sink my teeth into a new venture in the skincare world. I see looking after your skin and body as a ritual and a daily practice to truly look after not only yourself but also your skin. This being a daily practice really lends itself to the word Habitual.”

When researching with experts and scientists for the brand, what was the most fascinating thing you discovered about the skin or perhaps an ingredient?

“So many! One that instantly comes to mind is an ingredient in our Nourishing Moisturiser which is derived from Australian Wild Rosella. It provides an immediate moisturising effect on the skin for up to 72 hours after a single application. Due to it growing naturally in dry terrain, the flower needs to protect itself from draught and environmental stress so we use a specific organic extract from the flower to provide long lasting effect and maximum hydration to the skin.”

We are obsessed with the Hydrating Sleep Mask but also LOVE the chocolate Collagen Elixir. Why was it important for you to incorporate ingestible products as well as skin-surface products? 

"A match made in heaven! For me, owning my own collagen beauty food business Krumbled Foods, I saw first hand how powerful Collagen was, we get daily before and after photos of people with their hair and nails and skin improvements. So I really wanted to explore about super dosing that level of collagen, and formulating with the team a bespoke, never been done before product that combined not only a high dose of 10,000mg hydrolysed collagen peptides, but also necessary vitamins, minerals that one needs to see maximum benefits when consumed daily. Skincare and wellness are intrinsically linked, having an all in one formulation like the collagen elixir will fast track your skincare results and vice versa.” 

Which creation are you most proud of? 

“All of them! I am so proud of the brand. My absolute favourite products would have to be the Rejuvenating Facial Oil & the Sleep Mask – they are the products that I always recommend to my friends and fam.”

What is a beauty myth you’d like to bust? 

“That oil creates blemishes. One of the biggest things I wanted to target when formulating the range with our chemists was my hormonal acne that I experienced during fertility treatment. Our Rejuvenating Facial Oil helped reduce my inflammation and excess sebum on my skin.” 

As we go into summer, what’s your ultimate summer skincare tip?

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! We have just launched our exciting two new collagen elixir flavours – Sicilian Blood Orange and Yuzu + Finger Lime. They are the perfect Summer accessory to your water bottle, keeping you hydrated and giving you that collagen and vitamin boost you need.”

Who is the Habitual Beauty muse? 

“We like to think that our muse is someone who steps into being their own being, who sees beauty in their own eyes.”

 If Habitual Beauty had a soundtrack, who would be on it? 

“Frank Ocean, James Bay, Khruangbin.”

Perfect artist choices! What’s next for Habitual Beauty?

We have a massive year next year for exciting new products and really innovative formulas!