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Grown Alchemist’s founders, brothers Jeremy and Keston have created the sleek, science-focused beauty brand, formulating their products with natural ingredients to herald in a new era in beauty. Their holistic meets scientific approach has informed products that work to repair and regenerate the skin, and in many cases, reverse ageing. Going inside the world of Grown Alchemist, we spoke to Jeremy about his creation:

What are the most exciting natural ingredients that you’ve infused into your products?

"Grown Alchemist is leading the charge in a new generation of biologically advanced nutricosmetics, skincare, bodycare, haircare and treatments, all designed to treat the skin from the inside out and outside in. Our products work in synchronicity with the skin: restoring skin function, detoxing the dermis, then activating skin function using the latest natural cell-communicating ingredients including Neuro-Peptides, Tetra-Peptides, Tocotrienols, and advance Hygroscopic actives."

We love the Grown Alchemist Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream - especially these days! Did you feel the pressure to create more anti-bacterial/sanitising products in the last year?

"We saw a significant increase in demand for hand care products during the pandemic. We are all washing our hands and sanitising more which is good for hygiene but bad for hydration. This has led to increasing demand for hand creams also. We want to create a luxurious, functional hand cream that is natural, toxic-free but effective. Our Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream keeps our hands healthy and hydrated with non-greasy, antibacterial and soothing ingredients. No pressure creating products that meet the customers’ needs."

Do you have a favourite product you have created?

"Many people don’t realise that some of the most chronic complexion conditions (acne, eczema and inflammation) are our biological response to the accumulation of toxins in the human body. Our skin is constantly being exposed to external stressors which trigger this response such as pollution, environmental debris, blue-light emissions and harmful synthetics found in common cosmetics. Therefore, we place such importance on the detoxification process when it comes to maintaining a healthy, youthful complexion. Our Detox Serum Antioxidant +3 protects the skin from the complete force of not only oxygen – generated free radicals; but also, those created carbons and nitrogen. It’s one product I always recommend for those looking for rapid results. In only two weeks of twice daily usage, the skin is deeply detoxified, glowing and hydrated."

We love the Grown Alchemist branding. What is the design ethos for the way the products look?

"Grown Alchemist has understood the importance of using active, 100% natural ingredients in skincare as well as nutricosmetics and advanced treatments, in order to stimulate the biological functions that support healthy skin.  As a brand, Grown Alchemist have formulated beauty solutions that serve their audience from a functional AND ethical perspective, tied together with premium recyclable packaging that elevates their brand into a luxurious experience.  That’s who they are at the core: a premium, clean beauty brand. A brand destination for the health conscious, wellness-savvy consumer. Helping your body reveal how amazing your skin can be."

What is the best story/feedback you’ve heard from a Grown Alchemist user?

"That our beauty products really have transformed their lives holistically. Through us, they can have better relationships with their body and their skin."

What is one skin myth you want to bust?

"That topical skincare products will solve all your problems. As part of the Grown Alchemist holistic beauty system, we understand that healthy looking skin is achieved through topical skincare, as well as supplements and treatments that looks at your overall skin health and skin function, and the overall health of your body; and overall health can be affected by several factors. At Grown Alchemist, our brand focuses on five pillars – environmental influencers, gut health, Nutrition, emotional influencers and topical skincare."

Top winter health/beauty tip?

"Lots of hydration for your skin and your body, and as always, look after yourself from the inside out – improve your gut health, give your body and your skin the nutrients it needs, by eating properly, exercise regularly, using the right skincare products (richer creams coming into the colder month).  Health and beauty are inextricably linked. To us, Beauty is Health."

What is on the Grown Alchemist soundtrack?

"We are very versatile on the music genre. In the Carlton Retail Lab for example, we play a compilation of chill beats selected on Spotify that’s quite soothing for the environment and for guests having the treatments. In the office we might play something different, and at an event, if it’s a stand-alone pop-up event it will be something very different too."

And for those who don’t know, why ‘Grown Alchemist’?

"The name encapsulates the duality of our brand, one that is built on biology, then backed by science. As a brand, we have one foot firmly planted in the natural world utilizing the power botanicals we use in our formulations, and the other rooted in the alchemy of science in order to harness the potency of these naturally occurring ingredients. This duality makes us who we are as a brand."