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Our teen queen Olivia Rodrigo’s Brutal music video has been on loop at Ten Towers this week. 10 Magazine contributor Petra Collins directed the piece of Y2K art, using an Apple Pencil and software Procreate on an iPad to create Olivia's epic animated masks. “I think what most fun about this process was that we were able to bring the masks we were making on set and edit them in real time,” said Petra. “We could have our animators draw something and try it out on the spot… I've always wanted to work with some type of integrative animation but I am very hands on so I’ve been looking for a process that would cater more towards that. I've always worked with tactile/tangible mediums (using film for both still and motion). Using iPad and Procreate were perfect because they fit right into this process. Procreate on iPad makes drawing and animating the perfect sensory experience, similar to how I feel shooting film. We shot this video on 16mm so it seemed natural to be using a process where our animators were able to draw stuff and try things out on set in real time.” The digital art and illustration app Procreate was created by Hobart company Savage Interactive - great name. The app allows users to create sketches, paintings, animations and more. And is now marked in history in the golden Olivia Rodrigo years. Watch Olivia having a really good time using her iPad to bring Brutal to life below, and get to work with a tutorial on Procreate here.