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It's spooky season and the SIR girls are marking their territory, cult-like in Resort 22, the perfect wardrobe to make magic in. Finding freedom on the tip of Western Australia where the earth is red and the skies are a soft blue, they gather around bonfires, dance into the night and swim far into the ocean. A collection that was designed while the world stood still, each piece has been created to move in and feel totally liberated. Slip dresses are loose, slinky and second skin-like; linen dresses flow freely in scorching red or pure white; tailored jackets are turned into mini dresses; cotton ribbed jumpsuits give ultimate ease and swimsuits are SIR-style simple and so hot right now. Wandering on what feels like another planet, Charlee Fraser, Abeny Nhial, Lili Sumner and Manahou Mackay are set free. Feels good to be a SIR girl.

Watch the film Line In The Sand here.