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Anthony Vaccarello likes a bit of drama, a bit of glamour, for his Saint Laurent. Normally we are seated in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower but for Winter '21  he took us on a journey to a desolate cliff top and the tundra of Iceland for ‘Where the silver wind blows.’ Equally epic. What’s new? Chunky tweed jackets. Pelmet mini skirts. Puss in boots. A kind of apocalyptic luxury. Jewelled. Bedazzling. Great jewels all up. Feathers. “The shapes of the 60s with the colours of the 80s,” said Vaccarello. And all delivered in hopeful colours of sage green, raspberry, tangerine, softly promising some kind of rebirth, total glamour. And a whole stack of hot shorts. These are clothes for going out, having a good time a promise of the future.  By the time they hit the stores we will all be vaccinated and ready for our shot of Vaccarello.