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What do they put in the water in France: something that alters the perception? The latest mini-movie from Saint Laurent, sees Anthony Vaccarello collaborate with art house giant, Jim Jarmusch. The legendary director has crafted a strange tale called,  ‘French Water’ starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, alongside cult screen stars Chloë Sevingy, Julianne Moore and Indya Moore. They play versions of themselves, on a night out in Paris. Dinner is finished, the restaurant is empty and everyone is looking for Charlotte, who appears and disappears in the blink of an eye. All the characters have a secret skill. They are able to change their outfits in an instant – all the better to show off Saint Laurent’s Summer 21 collection. Long, lean tweed tunics worn with brocade kick flares or just a pair of sheer tights, lamé and marabou flounces, patent macs, black polo-necks; Vaccarello reinterpreted the tropes of classic Parisian chic with a 1960s, beat inflection. Watching the strange events unfold, and offering each character a glass of  “French water,” is a handsome waiter with a pencil moustache, played by instagram and TikTok star Leo Reilly (son of the Hollywood actor John C Reilly). Dreamy and surreal, if Black Mirror was played as a deadpan comedy it would look something like this.