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At the core of the Ralph Lauren brand is the Polo. Making its debut 50 years ago, the singular product has been adopted by rappers and royalty alike, worn at country clubs, donned by Camden indies and prized as a merit of both sophistication and aspiration amongst teens and young adults globally. Never underestimate the power of the shirt.

Partnering with Rizzoli International, the American fashion titan celebrates 50 years of the Polo shirt with a 544-page compendium. A tasteful cocktail of campaigns, sport stars and celebrity co-signs, the pages see the likes of US Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama placed alongside football hero Pelé, Pharrell Williams, André 3000, as well as everyday people who’ve made the shirt a part of their daily uniform.

The book features a series of personal stories and odes to the iconic wardrobe staple, as well as a tour through the Polo shirt’s various transformations from 1972 to now. Including everything from Polo shirt cakes to Kehinde Wiley paintings, where the artist’s subjects proudly sport their Polos, the book is a multifaceted exploration of a worldwide icon that has graced the lives of millions for 50 years, and will do for another 50 to come.

Taking the Polo off the pages and back into the everyday, Ralph Lauren is launching the two Polo Shirt Concept Stores, the first in Ginza – open to the public now – and one later in Berlin, which opens its doors May 18. Expect a wealth of different Polos ready to shop, alongside a customisation service where you can put your stamp on a Ralph Lauren classic.

Ralph Lauren’s ‘The Polo Shirt Book’ by Rizzoli is available to buy here.