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map of the heart: freedom

The Heart of Freedom is the fragrance that sounds - and smells - just so right. Our official scent for right now, Map of the Heart have always been the creators of poignant, brilliant scents housed in our favourite perfume bottle to exist - and hold. Freedom is our chosen one (for now), vegan and ethically produced, with its fresh, salty smell that was created with an Australian summer in mind. With top notes of Citrus, Green Leaves and Blackcurrant, at the heart are hints of Tunisian Neroli, Orris and Peony and a down-to-earth base of Australian Sandalwood and White Cedar Wood. It is, as the clever creators at Map of the Heart describe it: "...running down sand hills to the ocean. Of not giving a fuck. Of being in the moment. For the feel of sun on skin, of crusty salty hair. Eyes wide open. Of just going for it, of not being tamed, of being free." Hearts are beating hard and fast.

by Roxy Lola