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Jonathan Anderson always ensures we stay true to our Ten Towers motto, ‘look good, do good’. In support of the Elephant Crisis Fund, Loewe’s annual collaboration with Knot On My Planet presents the Elephant bag crafted from Shuka by women in Kenya’s Samburu Trust. Shuka is traditionally used by the Kenyan Maasai tribes people to create shawls. Crafted in the same colours found in the Shuka shawl, the Elephant bag speaks of the Samburu people’s love for the world that supports their way of life: blue for the sky, red for the blood of their cattle and white for the cows milk. The release is limited to 300 editions, with 100% of the bags’ sales being donated to the Elephant Crisis Fund, a joint initiative from Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network that funds the best action to work toward safeguarding the future of the African Elephant. The Loewe Elephant bag will launch online on March 25th.