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Our card games of choice are always Flex Mami's Flex Factory question games. She simply does a question game so well. Through her cards, we've learnt more about our closest friends, family - and ourselves. The new game 'Questions About Sex' is just that. ReFlex in collaboration with Lovehoney is a 50 card question game on getting candid about sex, and a totally 2021 tool for people to start exploring their sexuality, created for all genders and non-binaries in mind. “I made ReFlex & Lovehoney: Questions about Sex because our audience lovingly badgered me to do it," says Flex Mami. "They said they wanted to take the critical thinking skills they had learned playing our other games and use it in an area that they needed to see improvement in... I polled my audience of 130K and asked if they felt comfortable talking about sex, if they checked for consent every time, if they were sexually satisfied and if they could confidently ask for what they want in the bedroom. The results were shocking and not in a good way. Which was why I knew that I had to create ReFlex Sex.” We like her style. ReFlex Sex is available now.