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Eli Russell Linnetz "just wants everyone to just do their own thing". The Venice Beach born, raised and based designer, photographer, producer and creative director is redefining California style in 2021. Hypnotic hoodies and graphic t-shirts are the ERL blueprint, but this season, there's a strong sense of the 70s: skaters and surfers hanging out in the sun-kissed state in the golden era in baggy patch-denim jeans and cords, cable-knit v-neck polo sweaters, loose flannel shirts are tied around the waist. Photographed by Eli in his Venice Beach studio, everything is cropped and oversized, tight or baggy. There are no rules in the world of ERL. Jeans are flared, tiered at the ankle and theatrical wasteland-esque mini denim skirts feature tulle layers peeking out from under. Almost Famous shearling puffs on a collar of a knit; flowers blossom across the hips of jeans and duffel bags; epic life-size angel wings are worn with a baseball helmet and a hippie skirt; and the last look is a patchwork of colourful quilting. Because, as Eli told 10, "...everyone in Venice Beach everyone just wears everything."