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Pause, submerge into darkness and surrender to Bassike. That was the motto at Bassike’s Resort 2020 carbon neutral show. We were asked to turn our phones off and sat in darkness for a few minutes with the means to meditate. And then came the clothes, a neat edited collection of hypnotic state of sunshine yellows and sea blues, with all the classic Bassike slouch and splashes of floral tie-dye. "The collection is called Pause,” said Deborah Sams. "It’s about finding pause and noticing the space in between the noise. We tried to create that with the show, so when guests arrive they had to pause, sit and be with themselves. We wanted to give them a time to think, feel and have a sense of anticipation and curiosity. I really wanted people to notice all of their senses deeply throughout the presentation.” The best part, really, was Bassike’s commitment to reduce and offset carbon emissions for a completely carbon neutral show, as well as working with Forests Alive Tasmania and Brazil Amazon Rainforest Project across their scientific research and issues including issues including forest protection, conservation activities, and social inclusion within the communities. “I think everyone is really starting to understand the environmental impact on the climate,” said Mary Lou Ryan. “We’ve been committed to responsible business practices since we founded bassike in 2006. We are continually looking at all areas of our business to ensure we make responsible choices and do better within all facets. We’ve recently made the decision to take the organisation carbon neutral and when activating events at such a scale, it sits within our ethos to look to reduce and offset the carbon footprint.”  Feels pretty damn good to be at a Bassike show.