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Bassike b*tches, unite. A new collection has been unveiled, created during a global pandemic with a nationwide lockdown happening. Creative director Deborah Sams got down to business, going back to bassike’s (forgive us) and thinking about the original foundation of the brand. “When I was designing this collection, we were in the middle of lockdown and things were feeling quite heavy. I had to maintain a sense of optimism, look beyond to next year, and try to understand what the world would look like, what our customer would be doing, and what they would want,” said Deborah. “There’s definitely more of an appreciation of quality and ethically made clothing, people are wanting something new but not necessarily something that won’t last beyond the season.” And she’s right. The pre-collection is, as always, made in Australia, and features a coat constructed from recycled wood, and sustainable linen derived from flax plant in Europe is infused into the collection. It’s the ultimate conscious Bassike-lover’s wardrobe. “There is a real focus around utility this season, especially in fabrication and shapes. You can see in the pants, the tailoring, the fabrications, everything is very clean and minimal, it’s all about being useful and wearable. We made sure everything is as functional as possible and really thought about the ways they translate into a woman’s wardrobe.” Designed for the OG Bassike customer (us!), it’s one for the “loyalists and optimists”.

Photographs by Isaac Brown.