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The world of Albus Lumen continues to evolve with the Société Gazette. Marina Afonina has got down to work, asking a curated group of Australian visionaries what 'The New Era of...' is to them. “This is something very personal to me," says Marina. "This freedom to create. I want a rebirth of imagery. A society where artists can express themselves freely." The gazette features people we love, including Teacher of Consciousness and author of The Shapeshifter Claudia Navone (above) who believes this is the new era of 'awakening'. We love her vision. Anouk Colantoni believes it is the new era of being 'lighter... just let it go'. The Société Gazette is on show at the Albus Lumen space in Bondi now.

Anouk Colantoni
Dressed to impress, 2020, pen and guache on paper.
Jenna Lee
Another Aboriginal Story, 2019.
Duc Thinh Dong
Blue: one, 2020.