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Thursday 18th July 2019

We’re divided at Ten Towers. Half the office are die hard skiers. The other half are hardcore for the aprés life. What we are unanimous about is our love of sexy technical performance wear. Templa is all of this and more. And so the practical people that we are, we took it to our favourite New Zealand alpine city, Queenstown. Hello. We worked it. Oversized and strong but light, cushioned in a cloud of feathers cutting it through that white powder. Templa’s Creative Director, Rob Maniscalco gives us the lowdown on our new favourite.

We loved taking Templa for a test drive in Queenstown. What informs your design?
Rob Maniscalo: “Most things other than fashion. My wife’s ceramics, brutalist architecture, the butterfly museum… Its important to be aware of what is happening around you and the industry you are in, but an aesthetic can be found in many fields.”
How did the collaboration with Raf Simons come about?
RM: “Through our partner in Belgium. Raf was introduced to my last collection and liked the idea of doing a collaboration.”

Tell us about the tech. We saw recco stickers all over Coronet Peak. Can you tell us about this?
RM: “Recco is a bit of an industry standard for high end alpine gear which allow people to be detected if they are buried in snow. The performance and technical aspect of each piece is as important as the design. So we use the highest graded waterproof and breathable fabrics as well as a lot of R& D into function.”

How is sustainability being implemented in your business?
RM: “I think its unconscionable these days as a business or as an individual not to consider sustainability. Our fabrics are made by a german company who make the highest rated water proof fabrics all of which are recyclable and bluesign approved.”

What’s next for Templa?
RM: “I am deep in designing the next FW 2020 collection which we will show in Paris for fashion week in January as well as several ski and snowboard shows in the USA and Europe.”

by Rebecca Khoury

Directed by Somerset McGourty
Starring Tia Pichler at Chadwicks wearing TEMPLA
accessories by The North Face and Oakley
Shot on location in Queenstown, and Coronet Peak





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