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Monday 9th September 2019

We do love dancing at Ten Towers and the amazing Lydia Reidd had us swirling and pirouetting from the moment she entered the studio in Surry Hills. Here dancing for us in the new Coach 1941 AW19 collection X Kaffe Fassett. Did we say dynamo?

10: How long have you been dancing?

LR: “I’ve been dancing around four and half years  – -since I was 11.” (Lydia is now 16)

10: Why dance?

LR: “It started as a hobby and after my my first ballet class I realized I love this and then started contemporary and fell in love from there. My mum inspired me to do it. That first ballet class was at Brent Street (Sydney) it was with an amazing teacher and the discipline that fell along with that class –  I loved it!”

10: Dance heroes/heroines?

LR: “My ballet teachers in America inspire me every day. I’m studying at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. I live in Greenwich Village with seven other girls… it has it’s ups and downs. We cook and do our own laundry and stuff…” 

10: Is there one dance or piece you are loving now more than anything else?

LR: “I have to say it’s contemporary ballet, I love Manon (choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan) it’s the first ballet I saw on stage, I love everything about it, the music (by Jules Massenet) the technique, everything, I love it.”

10: What are you working on right now in class?

LR: “Classical ballet. The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky). We are dancing The Mirlitons; Snow Scene and Arabian, we will perform at the end of the year.”

10: Goals?

LR: “Hopefully I’ll be New York for the next two years. I want to get into a company and model as well maybe but the best thing about being back here  and at home in Woolloomooloo during the NY summer holiday is seeing my family, I miss them so much.”

Film by Somerset McGourty

Grooming by Claire Thomson

Starring Lydia Reid at Chadwick Models wearing Coach 1841 X Kaffe Fassett collaboration





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