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Wednesday 8th May 2019

Drum roll, please… Vince is our guy. He is even more so our guy when he is killing it on the drums wearing Harrolds’ best in a Saint Laurent suit and Nike x Comme des Garçons sneakers. This is what fashion dreams are made of. Let’s do it.

10: How long have you been drumming?
Vince: “Pretty much entire life. Was wacking pots and pans as a baby before I ever had a drum kit.”

10: Kit?
Vince: “Gretch Catalina club. Small Jazz kits. Always.”

10: Why did you start? Who? What? Where?
Vince: “My dad has played blues guitar as long as I’ve been alive. Which I suppose inspired me to get into music. I dont remember the first time I ever played drums but i’m sure dad could tell I enjoyed and made sure that’s what I did for the rest of my life.”

10: Drum heroes?
Vince: “My first teacher Jack Savage. Who died when I was about 14. He was an Old new-Yorker who had been playing in Jazz bars and night clubs in the 30s – 40s jazz scene. He gave me a ridiculous amount of knowledge for how old I was.”

10: Best drum fill that inspires you?
Vince: “Yussef Dayes. Nathan Camerena (CHON) And Animal from the muppets.”

10: Who  are you listening too now?
Vince: “My favorite drum fill ever is about 5 minutes into a live version of Steely Dan’s Bodhisattva. Its very quick and short and is not even supposed to be there in the recorded version of the song. It’s great.”

10: Current band? Or are you scoping out new one?
Vince: “I’m not working with anyone at the moment. Music is my biggest passion so it is kind of a shame. Since I’m traveling a lot for work it makes it hard. But my goal at the moment is to start a band in London since the music scene is miles better than it is here in Sydney.”

10: What are you working on musically?
Vince: “Try to find people who are into the same kind of music to me. Which is proving difficult due to my taste being obnoxiously obscure.”

10: We filmed you in your garage, does the best music happen here?
Vince: “The garage is the jam spot that is for sure. I worry about my neighbors sometimes but nobody has ever complained. Even when I had my old progressive death metal band playing in there.”

10: Where to next?
Vince: “Like I mentioned before. Start a band/bands in the London. Maybe do some busking. Get into the UK rock scene and hopefully make something out of it (get super rich and famous).”

Film by Somerset McGourty
Starring Vince at Kult Australia
Music by Vince

suit, shirt and shoes by Saint Laurent
jacket by Yohji Yamamoto, pants by Burberry by Riccardo Tisci and shoes by Nike x Comme des Garcons 
jacket and pantsBY Craig Green and shoes by Nike x Comme des Garcons
all from Harrolds


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