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Thursday 12th March 2020

Rimowa are taking up residence on the West Coast. Collaborating with the king of eyewear out there, Garrett Leight California Optical, the brand has created their first ever eyewear collaboration, inspired by the sun, surf culture and Cali coast. We’re excited to team up with Garrett Leight to launch Rimowa’s first-ever eyewear collaboration,” said Alexandre Arnault. “As long-time fans of Garrett Leight California Optical, we were thrilled to develop this exclusive Venice Beach-inspired beach set together coinciding with the California brand’s 10th anniversary.” It’s a collaboration that makes sense – one is always on the go with their Garrett Leight eyewear and Rimowa luggage. The collection includes six pairs of sunglasses, two luggage sticker sets and a limited-edition ultra high white gloss suitcase in which lies a pair of gold sunglasses and a beach towel, surf wax, and a special-edition luggage tag. They treat us so well. And it gets better. California native Dave Franco took the collaboration to Venice Beach, in a film written and directed by himself. All that California love. We talked to Franco to get the lowdown on the campaign film, below:

Why did you get on board for this partnership with GLCO and Rimowa?

Dave Franco: “I personally reached out to Garrett nearly a year ago because I was a fan of his sunglasses, and we talked generally about how it would be fun to find a project to work on together. A few months ago, he reached out and let me know about his collaboration with Rimowa and I jumped at the opportunity to create an ad for them. These are two brands that I genuinely love— they are classy as hell, yet still forward-thinking. I was excited to create a concept that represented that duality.”

How did you come up with the film’s creative concept?

DF: “I wanted to find a way to represent Garrett Leight’s Venice, California roots, while also incorporating the European sensibilities of Rimowa. The story follows a Parisian who visits Venice and becomes infatuated with the skate culture in the area. He’s an outsider who quickly becomes a hero when he transforms his Rimowa suitcase into a skateboard.”

This your first commercial project – how is conceptualising for a brand different than doing purely creative work?

DF: “I recently finished directing my first movie and I had the itch to quickly get behind the camera again. Even though this is technically a branded campaign, I approached it more like a short film where the characters just happened to be carrying Rimowa luggage and wearing Garrett Leight sunglasses. I wanted the products to organically fit into the story, as opposed to highlighting them in a way that feels forced.”

How did you approach creating a skate film without appropriating that community?

DF: “As research, I watched as many skate videos as I could before we started filming. The ones that gave me the most inspiration were the early Spike Jonze videos. They were so innovative, and he always managed to capture the authenticity of the tricks, while making it all look polished and cinematic.I also wanted to hire as many local Venice skaters as possible, who I could lean on to make sure we were representing the community in a respectful way. Le’andre Sanders, Ben Yee, and Monroe Alvarez were our featured skaters and they all helped us figure out which camera angles would best highlight their tricks.”

Tell us about the character development, how did you create the personality of the lead with little to nodialogue?

DF: “In the video, our main character skates through the streets of Venice and attracts the attention of several locals who chase after him as if he’s one of The Beatles. Because of that, I wanted to cast someone in the role who has a natural warmth and magnetic personality, which is why I hired Spencer Glass.”

by Roxy Lola

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