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Heart of Bone X Tyrone Dylan Susman

Thursday 11th October 2018

Heart of Bone’s Emma Abrahams creates our kinda hardcore but oh so beautiful jewellery. With her next collaboration, Heart of Bone has worked with designer Tyrone Dylan Susman to create a collection of 10 one off rings, hand sculpted. It’s a serious down-to-earth collaboration, using specific healing powered crystals, turquoise and minerals cast in solid sterling silver. Oh yes we do like a good jewel with the promise of supernatural success. “Ever since I started Heart of Bone back in 2014 I’ve wanted to create a collection of this nature.” said Emma. “I’m always drawn to the organic beauty of raw unrefined stones for their individuality and integrity. Working on this with Ty has been the most exhilarating and creative thing I’ve done for a long time, as my carving practice at Heart of Bone is so detailed and intricate. This was a challenge on a whole other level.” The collection is titled RAW which obvs makes sense for the kind of rings that hold all the power. “The title for the collaboration RAW just jumped out at us given the nature of the stones we had selected and the way each piece was carved by us both in unison in the studio,” said Tyrone. “As a designer and pattern maker, learning to work with the wax and silver was a surprisingly natural extension of those skills. Watching our vision come to life in solid form is amazing.” And now it is ours. Hear us whispering, “my precious,” as we layer on the jewels. The collection is available now.

by Roxy Lola


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