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Tuesday 17th October 2017

When I was a proper youth, I died my hair jet black with a brilliant cherry red strip that ran from the nape of my neck to the ends of my shoulder length hair. I’d tie it up in a high ponytail and call it skunk-rock. I wore a cross round my neck and skull rings and sword earrings. It was a look. One that was never fully resolved – a little less rock and a little more Shire-grunge truth be told. Life has a way of giving second chances though. And I’m about to take that bunny skull by it’s metal ears. How? Glad you asked.

Heart of Bones’ Emma Abrahams has collaborated with Harrolds on a custom jewellery collection called True Love exclusive to the luxury retailer. It’s an evolution of what Abrahams does so well already. Skulls, swords, lightening bolts it’s a vibe. It’s Maleficent meets Donnie Darko’s friend Frank. Hard, fast and unapologetic. Hot. Abrahams worked closely with womenswear buyer Kathleen Buscema and managing director Ross Poulakis to give birth to a  collection of finely curated and considered pieces that can be customised by each client. Signet rings, charm bracelets and necklaces a kind of build your own attitude. We recommend this collection be worn with a long sharply filed decorated nail. Please refer to page 40 in the current issue of 10 Magazine for guidance. Yes here Abrahams wears said nails whilst sharing with us her Ten Secrets… you’re welcome.

Personally, I’m into the drop sword and skull earrings. I happen to be wearing one right now. Already righting the wrongs of so long ago. We’re calling this collaboration ‘cult chic’ and to True Love we pledge our devotion.

by Bec Khoury


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