Friday 9th November 2018

Georgia Fowler is fired up. She’s back, by popular demand for a third round at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. A Chosen One. IMG pedigree. We spoke to her ahead of the show to ask her how the show works in 2018 and what she does to get her head in the game. These VS girls don’t mess around.

10: Congratulations on making this your third year walkings VS. Partayyy. How are you feeling?

Georgia Fowler: “I’m just excited, there’s so much lead-up with the castings, the fittings. My mum and sister are coming to watch so it’ll be a really fun day. They’re making a big trip over.”

Has the way in which you prepare for the show changed?

“It’s pretty similar to the first time, I always trained as hard as I could and it definitely hasn’t slacked off at all, if anything I’ve gotten more into it. It’s just a huge challenge for myself to be my very best. It’s a little less nerve-wracking as I know what to expect this year, I know the girls a lot more and a lot of my friends are doing it so that kind of makes it all a bit easier but it’s still just as exciting. It probably means more to me being invited back because it shows you’ve done something right the previous years. It’s going to be a blast.”

There’s such an emphasis on female empowerment at the moment. How does the Victoria’s Secret show still work in 2018?

“It shows strong powerful women on the catwalk, we all work really hard to be there and a lot of us have strong bodies and that’s what I work toward when i’m in the gym. Just being confident in yourself and loving the moment. The women in the show feel empowered to be up there.”

A lot of people see it as objectifying women, what do you say to them?

“I think if people are looking at women as an object then that’s their problem. If we want to be up there and feel strong and sexy and powerful and others can only look at us like a piece of meat then they need to change their way of thinking.”

Good! You tell ‘em. Best part about doing it? Most challenging part?

“The best part is this has been my dream forever. It’s kind of like getting into the olympics for modelling – it’s the peak of a models career and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. The toughest part is the pressure that comes along with it that I put on myself too to be the best. It’s challenging, all the working out but it’s a fun challenge that I really enjoy.”

On Instagram you’re a weapon. You seem to find somewhere to work out every day. What’s your best source of motivation?

“Well the pressure of what I’ve been told is 1.4 billion eyes watching you do it is enough reason in itself but otherwise no one else can do that work for you, you have to do it yourself. I am determined to be my best and to know that I deserve my spot up there. It’s not easy by any means. I’m human and I am pretty exhausted when I’m travelling and shooting – for the past 11 days I’ve shot every day across six cities so trying to get in a training session whilst I’m abroad is difficult. It’s much easier when I’m in New York with my trainer. You’ve got to do the work to show you’re meant to be there.”

What are your sneaky workout and skincare secrets?

“My workout tips are just to move and do something every day. A lot of people say they’re time poor – you know what? Do something in your living room floor, put on a Nike training app, my friend Kirsty Godso has an awesome session that is 20 minutes long, it just gets your heart rate up. Do exercise you find fun – do boxing, do yoga, do pilates, do strength training. Change your workouts. Skincare is just down to drinking a lot of water, eating good fats and moisturising – and a serum underneath.”

Of course. What couldn’t you live without in the week of the VS show?

“My trainers.”

Ultimate pre Victoria’s Secret show soundtrack? 

“I was listening to a lot of James Brown to pump me up and give me energy. And then just any song that involves the word angel, basically.”

What’s your next mission?

“I just want to continue to inspire people to move their bodies and feel strong and confident in who they are. It’s not about looking good it’s about feeling good in yourself. And then hopefully continue along this trajectory and showing up year after year, like Adriana and Alessandra did for so many years to come.”

by Roxy Lola





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