Tuesday 24th July 2018

We love meeting talented people and Amy Tuxworth, film director and all round creative woman is one to watch. Her first short film “Silenced” screened at The Cannes Film Festival as part of the Short Film Corner this year, moving and culturally on point the film gives insight into a Muslim family dealing with Islamophobia and conflict in the Sydney’s Western suburbs. Tuxworth we have noticed is an observer, always watching, absorbing the world around her. Here she shares the images she captured during her time at Cannes in May and talks to 10 about what’s next.

10: Tell us about Cannes – what did you love about the place?
Amy Tuxworth: “Cannes is a very sweet little seaside village, that transforms during the film festival. It’s actually very different to how I imagined it to be. Being the romantic that I am, I think I’d seen far too many images of 19 year old Brigit Bardot at Cannes Film Festival in the 50’s and was secretly hoping the festival hadn’t changed. But it was a lot of fun and I really love that it’s a place where many different cultures get together for the love of cinema and storytelling. It’s a wonderfully curious place. I was inspired by the old black and white images from the 50s and 60s.”10: What did you learn while you were there?
“I learnt that I must become better at wheeling and dealing. Cannes is very glitzy and it requires an immense amount of energy to sell yourself and ideas, and that doesn’t always come naturally to me.”

10: Do you always travel with your camera…
AT: “Yes, I always travel with my Contax point and shoot, as it’s non invasive, so you can capture moments without being noticed.”

10: What are you hoping to discover?
AT: “I like to capture things that I find beautiful, but also things that are curious. I’m always looking for something that is out of place, or unusual within an environment. In Cannes, I tried to document the simplicity the seaside village and moments where perfection was disturbed.”

10: Tell us about your film.
AT: “My film, Silenced, follows a Muslim family who are dealing with the constant battle of islamophobia and racism in their Western Sydney neighbourhood. I spent a good six months researching and speaking with various people in the Muslim community and I was shocked by their stories of racism, oppression and abuse in Sydney, so I decided to make a film about it. You can view the trailer here.

10: Where will it be shown next?
AT: “The film is screening at Woods Hole Festival, a lovely independent festival in Massachusetts on the 2nd of August.”

10: What’s your next project or where to next?
AT: “I’m currently in the process of working on a feature script.  Silenced, was my first fiction film and now I have a very different idea for my feature which is more closely tied to my own life.”




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