Thursday 7th December 2017

Natasha Liu Bordizzo is a kick arse kind of actress, feisty. Which explains why she can master even the great 1978 Cadillac Coup de Ville. She is an actress ascending, going places… well, kind of, she is in a 1978 Cadillac.

Best thing that’s happened to you in 2017?
NLB: “Going into China – it’s been amazing to work globally – and the film industry is crazy there right now. ‘Detective Chinatown 2’ is my first Chinese film, and first time speaking Mandarin which I learnt for the part, and culturally it was really interesting – my mum is Chinese, she’s from Beijing but she’s been in Sydney for 25 years now. It opens on Chinese New Year which is like the super box office day.”

You also have The Greatest Showman opening here on Boxing Day – its all go! How was that production?
NLB: “Being in such a huge ensemble cast with Hugh Jackman, Zac Ephron, Zendaya….and feeling like really it was bigger than you because as a collective we portray a circus with dancers, acrobats, and it felt like we really were a traveling circus, a menagerie of singing dancing people – we performed for hundred of extras…It was great.”

How do you keep up the pace?
NLB: “It depends which city I’m in, hot yoga in LA and I mediate every day,  I use Headspace and I have a Five Minute Journal which you fill in at the beginning and end of every day  – priming the mind every day – it’s a physical book, from Intelligent Change. I write a lot as well – I don’t switch to WiFi on flights, I write. I’ve also been reading Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah  Harari. I’m really into anthropology, and studying people, human nature it fascinates me. And I’m listening to Franck Ocean, J.Cole and ryx – alot of action on Spotify…”

So can you drive?
NLB: “Yes I can drive, and this is the MOST comfortable car I’ve ever sat in –  it feels like a movie theatre, so old school.”

If you could drive off in the sunset right now where would you go?
NLB: “Palm Beach.”

Said like a true Sydney sider.

by AV

Photographs by Jesse Lizotte
Styling Peter Simon Phillips
Natasha wears Louis Vuitton and Cartier

Makeup by Gillian Campbell
Hair by Taylor James

Cadillac courtesy of Scott 




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