Tuesday 29th May 2018

This was the epic tour de force fire in Nicolas Ghesquière’s heart with a new five year contract. Incase you missed the memo last week, Nicolas Ghesquière is #notgoinganywhere. And so we begin this review with a breaking newsworthy collaboration: Louis Vuitton has worked with Grace Coddington on a capsule collection. Yes, that’s right, her love for cats that she has always sketched so fabulously purred on the arms of Ghesquière’s girls as they glided through the grounds of the Foundation Maeght. “I hope it will be a dream come true for Pumpkin, Blanket and Nicolas’ dog – it certainly is for me,” Grace said. “It started with our love for animals, it’s where Nicolas and I really connect beyond fashion.” A connection we are here for. So this was Cruise 2019 and these girls were cruising, their newfound territory overlooking the Colline des Gardettes’ hilltop amongst the five elements that Isabelle Maeght said before the show are vegetable, minerals, water, fire and human. Healthy! Yes, it was down to earth, completely grounded in thigh high leather boots that scrunched into solid golden platform sneaker situations leading the way, space walkers. There is always an undercurrent of pretty in Ghesquiere’s LV, loose satin short were somewhere between boxer and boudoir, giant paillettes flounced like bird feathers with a new school youthful red carpet for the next wave of young actors. The purest white pleats sliced sleeves so killer soft with their partners in crime, tough leather panels over shoulders, an armour in full force. Sunglasses were goggle and visor, Princess Anne last week vibes – we knew she was onto something. Each jacket and vest was perfectly sculpted, falling in our direction, the Ghesquière effect. It was a fire collection and It all glistened and shined, that Vuitton energy pumping out. Could this collaboration be as good as Kim Jones’ Supreme moment? Yes, we want a Grace ‘Cat’ Coddington right now. Love partnerships at this clever level. Nicolas Ghesquière was right. He’s not going anywhere. Placing order for thigh high sneaker boots now.

by Roxy Lola





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