Friday 1st March 2019


March, 2019

This issue is dedicated to respect and being uncensored.

For so many reasons, for saying it like it is, for being passionate, for being single-minded, for being the best you can be and believing in yourself from the very beginning. Oh yes. We know tenacious.

And so in this issue we have showcased a posse of inspiring, women on a mission, including Albus Lumen’s Marina Afonina, photographed on the windswept cliffs of Mahon Pool with her best friend and Paris-based shoe designer Vanissa Antonious of Neous. Lucy Folk of her namesake label and Ten Pieces’ Lucy Hinckfuss were photographed on Folk’s baking hot Bondi Beach rooftop, a blaze of ideas and quiet con dence that comes from creating their standout designs. This past Bondi summer was conquered by Folk’s La Playa store and the Ten Pieces Guerilla Store pop-up. From the birth of P.E Nation, Claire Tregoning and Pip Edwards have been unstoppable, pumped with so much energy. Photographed “round the corner”, on the edge of a car lot in Alexandria in

35C heat, they stopped the traf c. The “Surry Hills school of go-get-’em design” that is in reality a geographic triangle near Central station, Sydney, is where Jedda Daisy-Culley creates her Desert Designs, high up in a dilapidated loft lled with tiny odd treasures and paint. Her near-neighbours are the slick sunglasses designer Poppy Lissiman and Holiday’s Emma Mulholland, who share a space with Double Rainbouu. It is some kind of hub. What marks all these women out is that they are indefatigable and undefeated and pretty bloody determined. Overachievers.

We also shot a crew of thought-provoking creators including emerging artist Camille Olsen-Ormandy, photographer Natalia Parsonson, artist Stanislava Pinchuk, lm director Amy Tuxworth, illustrator Carla Uriarte and the video artist Angela Tiatia. It was a day of drama in a photo booth, dripping in Gucci, expressive, as you would expect from this lot.

And we didn’t stop: over in LA, Byron Spencer showcased the best posse of original talent, too, including Australian expats of course. Doing their thing. This is what it’s all about, going out far and wide into the world, brave, fearless, challenging the status quo.

Nellie Eden’s story is brilliant; and the Ten Gallery featuring artist Arvida Byström, who has ‘weaponised’ pink is fascinating. No barriers, people simply exploring ideas through art and exploring their individuality.





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