Thursday 23rd August 2018


August, 2018

This issue is dedicated to self-expression.

And identity. Exploring. Refining. Defining… Yet, “To define is to limit,” Oscar Wilde wrote in The Picture of Dorian Gray, and we don’t want to limit ourselves. No rules, people. Only a celebration of good ideas, some bonkers ideas, because we can.

Self-expression is one of the hardest things to grope towards. Fragile. Tentative. Revealing. Perhaps the one common goal within these pages is to create something memorable. Extensive. And so Bec Parsons travelled a fair bit in search of identity, to Brisbane, to photograph Nyaluak and her extend- ed family; then on to Adelaide for the marvellous Stubbington siblings, Madison, Ella and Caleb. In Sydney, she shot three other siblings, Aleyna, Jacinta and Johmike, during the younger ones’ school lunch break; Logan with her grandmother Mar- garet Piper; and young Otis and his dad, Davor Pavlovic, in Bondi, as well as Min Jay and his mum and brother in North Sydney. And all for our portrait series featuring Gucci. Kind of like Gucci families and how they might express themselves in one of the most expressive labels right now. Statuesque. Kind of regal, really. Clothes maketh the woman and man.

Zachary Handley has been on his own personal journey in the past few years, capturing the magic of restless European cultures, Estonia in particular, simply letting his life meander along a natural course. And so he brought the snowy slopes of northeastern Italy’s Dolomites to his sculptural take on Chanel’s debut ski collection, Coco Neige.

Byron Spencer flew to London to shoot Lili Sumner for a story that nods to hyper-new rave expressiveness, courtesy of Mark Vassallo, and uses artwork and one-off pieces by @himumimdead.

We have been fairly obsessed with reality, faking it through CGI and AI and video games here at Ten. And so, for this issue, Jesse Lizotte created his “own world” for us in collabo- ration with VFX artist, Rob McLellan, through the eyes of so many pairs of Dior glasses. Looking within is a preoccupation right now, which is why the art of the sel e is where Bartolomeo Celestino’s head is currently buried. He ew to LA to photo- graph the amazing and provocative artist Polly Borland for us. Her retrospective exhibition at the NGV opens in September, and new work will be exhibited at Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney, in November. Bart gave Polly his iPhone and she selfied away, stunningly. No, no limits.

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” We love to dream. We are off out into the night. Thank you, Oscar.






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