Wednesday 14th November 2018

Some collaborations are simply matches made in heaven. Nike, queen of collaborations, has worked with Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo to create a spirit of sport fuelled, sleek, shiny, smart collection for all the chic hype beasts – aka us. And there’s no better way to roll out a Nike collab than on NBA players. The almighty ones. The holy grail is the court-ready Nike Fear of God 1 shoe heightened to new levels with the Zoom Air heel unit. “It is a shoe that should only be judged by the emotion it gives the kid when he first sees it — however it makes him feel,” says Lorenzo. “We live in a day and age when images are leaked left and right, and products are leaked without consideration and emotional attachments. I’m aiming to give a visceral experience whether the kid sees it first on Ben Simmons coming into the arena or worn by his favorite athletes on court.” Oh yes, he knows the way to our Australian hearts with mention of Philly player Simmons.

“In my youth…growing up in the ’80s and finishing high school in the ’90s, contrary to what’s happening now, it was our superstar athletes and our pro athletes that were informing the way that we wore our street clothes,” he says. “These athletes, like Agassi and Jordan, were at the top of their game and what they wore didn’t compromise on design or beauty.” We like his style, his mindset. Awaken that spirit, Jerry. Working with Leo Chang, the Senior Footwear Design Director of Nike Basketball, Lorenzo created the his ultimate sneaker that references elements of the Air Max 180 and a TPU cage inspired by the Huarache Light. Nike boys know. And there are fire fits, too. FG stamped sweaters, low slung basketball shorts – but structured and well, cool. Matching nylon tracksuits and basketball jerseys hang loose over t-shirts. Swoooosh. It’s a good one.

by Roxy Lola




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